Ревізор (Inspector) - social TV show about the quality of service in Ukraine.

Ревізор - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Ukrainian

Status: Running

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2011-08-27

Ревізор - Revizor (Ukrainian reality show) - Netflix

Revizor (Ukrainian: Ревізор) is a social reality television show about the quality of service sector establishments in Ukraine. It airs on Novyi Kanal.

Ревізор - About - Netflix

Revizor, the original social Ukrainian television reality show is in production on a new channel. The crew made the project together with leading hotel inspectors, restaurants, and various points of the service sector to show consumers about the level of service in these establishments. The first season, which started on 27 August 2011, showed the need of this Ukrainian project. The show made it to the Book of Records Ukraine, through people's love, gaining more than 72 thousand users on the official Facebook page at the time of the performance. In 2012, “Auditor” received a national award for the television show “Triumph”, because of their value and quality of the project and noted professionals. In 2013, the project was nominated for the categories “Best Infotainment Program” and “Best Leading entertainment”. In 2013, the “Inspector” won the award “Favorite TV-Show”. In 2014, presenter “Olha Freimut” won the “TV Star” (magazine - Telenedelya) as host of Revizor. In 2013, the format of Revizor in the New Channel TV bought “Friday”. In Russia, the program goes by the name Revizorro hosted by Olga Romanovskaya. Now on air “Friday!” Comes the fourth season. The first and second season easily confounded and inspected the whole team. Restaurateurs and hoteliers zachynyaly the doors, insulted, stretched hands. They did everything to avoid checking attentive to detail Revizor. In March 4, 2013 they launched the third season. The team went to the facilities that are already tested with repeated revisions. The Task awarded institutions to prove that they are worthy of recommendations. The tests were not at all the main innovation of the third and fourth seasons. Gold plates, increased the demands on the quality of institutions. Recommendations on the Silver during the first and second season declared invalid on January 1, 2013. During the repeated revisions Silver plates were taken at the time of inspection. In the case of confirmation, the recommended institutions handed them new - the golden plates. In the case of failure check the “Silver plates” will be taken by the crew. In addition, during the third season the crew Revizor inspected facilities in European countries: Austria, France, Italy and the UK. During the 4th season innovation was the post-show passions for Revizor, which the hotel yeram and restaurateurs who survived the check made it possible to give a public response auditor. This provoked a variety of scandals in the studio shows. On March 2, 2015 at New Channel they launched the fifth season of Revizor with a new presenter Vadim Abramov. The recommendations of this season are bi-metal - Silver and Gold. From this season Inspector can leave a “black mark” - “the label Revizor does not recommend” in the book of complaints and suggestions from institution's discrepancy evaluation criteria. Another difference is that the season is now an important part of tasting dishes at restaurants and they stay as Hotels Examiner. In the fifth season, the Inspector were started checking supermarkets, markets, pump-room resort, and water parks. Note that Water parks were tested from the first season.

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