Один на всех - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2013-03-23

Один на всех - Russian boxing - Netflix

Russian boxing (Russian - Кулачный бой Kulachniy Boy “fist fighting, pugilism”) is the traditional bare-knuckle boxing of Russia.

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Every region in Russia incorporated different rules unlike the sport of boxing. In some places they fought with bare arms, while in other they stretched the sleeves over the fists. There were cases where participants would cheat by putting iron under their sleeves. There are three types of Russian fist fighting: the first is the singles type, a one-on-one fight; the second type is a team fight also known as “wall on wall”. The third one, “catch drop”, was the least practiced. There were several versions of the singles fight. One version was like modern boxing, where one fighter hits the other wherever he wants or can. The other version is when the fighters take turns hitting each other. Escaping from a punch, answering it not on turn, and moving aside were not allowed; all that could be done was to use the hands to try to protect one's own body. Victory could come in few cases: when one of the fighters falls, till first blood, or till one of the fighters gives up. The “wall-on-wall” fight (with anywhere from dozen to several hundreds participants) was performed strictly by rules and could go on for hours. Both “walls” had a chief fighter, who served as a tactician and a commanding officer. “Walls” themselves were tight straight formations 3-4 ranks deep. Repeated attacks were performed, aiming to push the opposing “wall” out of the game area. Basic tactics were used, such as breaching using heavy fighters (who were usually held in reserve), encircling, false retreat and others; but as a rule, tight wall formation never broke. Tactics also included battle planning. The “wall-on-wall” fights, while performed for entertainment, were in fact close to military training. For example, notable ethnographer V. Gilyarovsky recalled that during his voluntary service in an infantry regiment soldiers often staged wall-on-wall fistfights with factory workers. A famous phrase in Russian, “Do not hit a man when he's down”, has roots in that sport.

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