50/50 is an action-packed, 50-hour getaway worth \$50,000 that starts when two Travel Channel hosts find unsuspecting people on the street and ask a simple question -- can you leave right now? In Travel Channel's new original series, travel expert Samantha Brown and her up-for-anything pal Chris Grundy are doing the asking and whisking an impulsive couple on an unforgettable two-day getaway where they are presented with extravagant and excruciatingly awesome choices every step of the way: where to go, what to do, when to eat and should they take time out to sleep. But, the intrepid travelers must drop everything and leave right now! The series is comprised of six one-hour episodes and two half-hour pilots.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-04

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50/50 was a British children's game show that aired from 7 April 1997 to 12 July 2005 on BBC One. The show featured two schools from the UK putting forward 50 students, with each contestant wearing a coloured T-shirt with a numbered badge from 1 to 50 clipped on. Each episode consisted of a series of physical and general knowledge rounds with points on offer. The team with the most points after all the rounds won a top prize for their school during the first six series. In the last five series, the winners won a glass trophy presented by the host at the end of the show. Official merchandise was given to both teams for taking part in the first seven series, and a smaller prize was also awarded for the losing team during the first six series. The two schools competing were originally represented by the T-shirt colours orange and green before they changed to blue and yellow for the second series in 1998, as well an overhaul in the studio set and presentation. The contestants sat opposite each other in raised seating while the game took place in between them. The contestant numbers were randomly selected, each used once only, for both teams (in some games, only one team) and announced and displayed by a large-screened computer named 'Flynn'. Some of the contestants did not get an opportunity to take part in a physical game, but there was always an observation round for all contestants to play where points are won by the number of correct answers to true or false questions from each team. The physical games usually consisted of inflatable obstacle courses, similar to those found in other children's game shows such as Get Your Own Back, Fun House, Run the Risk and Pump It Up. A total of 11,800 contestants from 236 schools have appeared on the programme, the majority of which were from Scotland and the north of England due to the show being produced by BBC Scotland.

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