A heartwarming family drama centering on a couple's remarriage in the twilight years of their lives, forcing two families of grown adult children to become one big family. This drama will describe how those grown-up children will re-act and deal with this new situation and their eventual acceptance of each other as a new family. It also depicts how young couple growing up with the turbulent romance.

A Little Love Never Hurts - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-28

A Little Love Never Hurts - Love Hurts (Cher album) - Netflix

Love Hurts is the twentieth studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on June 11, 1991 by Geffen Records. The RIAA certified it Gold on August 27, 1991. It is the final studio album with the record label Geffen. The lead single from the album was, “Love and Understanding” and the follow-up singles were “Save Up All Your Tears”, “Love Hurts”, “Could've Been You” and “When Lovers Become Strangers”. It debuted at number 48 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart with the sales of 19,000. In November 2011, Billboard stated that Love Hurts has sold 600,000 copies in the US.

A Little Love Never Hurts - Critical reception - Netflix

Reviews of the record were mixed. On one hand, some critics proclaimed that “Love Hurts” was the most mature material Cher had tackled in years. Also, critics said “Love Hurts” was a step up from Heart Of Stone, and Cher. Billboard for example, said that “With a few exceptions, overall musical direction is more straight-forward rock'n'roll this time, which is the perfect environment for her unique vocal style.” allmusic also said that “The result, however, is particularly formulaic, with Cher's vocals sounding largely uninspired and the production and backing musicians content to be obvious.”. But on another hand some critics slammed the album. One critic went as far as to claim that “The only song worth listening to is A World Without Heroes, on a otherwise uninspired album”.

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