Set in a part of Tokyo that has descended into a quagmire, the story follows Unit 8 of the 5th Special Public Security Section's 3rd Mobile Assault Division, popularly called "The Eighth", who don powered armor "Willwear" exoskeletons to counter the rise in crime.

Note: The anime will be split into two sections, the first half will air in January 2016, while the second half will air in summer 2016.

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-07

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei - Active Raid - Netflix

Active Raid: Kidō Kyōshūshitsu Daihachigakari (アクティヴレイド 機動強襲室第八係, Akutivu Reido Kidō Kyōshūshitsu Daihachigakari, lit. “Active Raid: Public Mobile Assault Unit Eight”) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Production IMS. Orange produced the 3D CG, with Gorō Taniguchi as chief director. It started airing in January 2016. The anime was split into two seasons, the first half aired in January, while the second half aired in July 2016.

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei - Unit 9 - Netflix

Yuyuko Shimazakura (島桜 ゆゆこ, Shimazakura Yuyuko) Voiced by: Ayaka Suwa Aju Tomigusuku (豊見城 亜樹, Tomigusuku Aju) Voiced by: Ayaka Suwa Kanna Miyoshi (三好 環奈, Miyoshi Kanna) Voiced by: Ayaka Suwa Sosuke Torigoe (鳥越 宗助, Torigoe Sōsuke) Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi Taiga Nawa (名和 大河, Nawa Taiga) Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi Kyokai-sama (協会様, Kyōkai-sama) Voiced by: Sho Hayami The mechanic of Unit 9 and Asami's second in command.

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hakkei - References - Netflix