The series will feature a new protagonist named Yume Nijino. Yume aims to become a top idol, and she enrolls in the Yotsuboshi Gakuen (Four Stars Academy). This academy has a special group called the S4, who are the top four active idols in the school. Yume and the other first-year students aim to become a part of the S4.

Aikatsu Stars! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Running

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-07

Aikatsu Stars! - Aikatsu Stars! - Netflix

Aikatsu Stars! (アイカツスターズ!, Aikatsu Sutāzu!) is an arcade collectible card game in Bandai's Data Carddass line of machines, which was launched in May 2016. It is the successor to the Aikatsu! series of arcade games. The game revolves around using collectible cards featuring various clothes to help aspiring idols pass auditions. An anime television adaptation by BN Pictures began airing on TV Tokyo from April 7, 2016 to March 29, 2018. It was succeeded by Aikatsu Friends! on April 5, 2018.

Aikatsu Stars! - Anime - Netflix

An anime television series produced by BN Pictures began airing on TV Tokyo from April 7, 2016, succeeding the original Aikatsu! anime series in its initial timeslot. The opening themes are “Start Line!” (スタートライン!, Sutāto Rain!) by Sena and Rie from AIKATSU☆STARS, “1, 2, Sing for You!”, “STAR JET!” ((スタージェット!, Sutā Jetto!), “STARDOM!” by Sena, Rie, Miki and Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS and “MUSIC OF DREAM!” by Sena, Rie, Miki and Kana from AIKATSU☆STARS, while the ending themes are “Episode Solo” by Ruka, Nanase, Kana, and Miho from AIKATSU☆STARS, “So Beautiful Story” by Ruka and Sena from AIKATSU☆STARS, “Bon Bon Voyage!” by Risa and Miho from AIKATSU☆STARS and “Pirouette Of The Forest Light” by Ruka and Sena from AIKATSU☆STARS.

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