Akiba-chan is the name of the main character, a posable figurine. Her name refers to the otaku obsession with collecting anime figurines and other merchandise. She lives in an apartment house named Maison de Akiba. Four other girls share her easy-going, comic adventures. The anime uses a combination of computer animation (CGI) and a stop-motion technique named figumation.

Akiba-chan - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2008-07-25

Akiba-chan - Ryōka Yuzuki - Netflix

Ryōka Yuzuki (柚木 涼香, Yuzuki Ryōka, born January 10, 1974 in Anjo, Aichi) is a Japanese actress and voice actress. She used to do a lot of live action work when she was a teen under the name Ayumi Nagashii (永椎 あゆみ, Nagashii Ayumi). She later became an idol under the name Kanori Kadomatsu (角松 かのり, Kadomatsu Kanori), appearing in men's magazines and V-Cinema. Several of the films were very explicit in violence, sex and nudity. Trying to break out of the horror/exploitation genre and back into legitimate cinema, she briefly changed her name back to Ayumi Nagashii and began working on the occasional anime as a voice actress. On November 1, 1998 she changed her name to Ryōka Yuzuki and currently focuses mainly on voice work.

Akiba-chan - Theatrical - Netflix

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