In a haunted Boston hospital called All Souls Hospital, Dr. Mitchell Grace's tries to find out the truth about the hauntings that dated as far back as the civil war. All Souls Hospital's lower levels used to be a mental asylum, and are haunted by ghosts of dead patients. The ghosts notably include Lazarus, an orderly who has been benevolently haunting the hospital since his days working with Dr. Ambrosius after the Civil War.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-04-17

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All Souls Unitarian Church is a Unitarian Universalist (“UU”) church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is one of the largest UU congregations in the world. All Souls Unitarian Church was founded in 1921 by two leading Tulsans from families with Unitarian roots: Richard Lloyd Jones, the publisher of the Tulsa Tribune daily newspaper, whose father, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd Jones, had served as Secretary of the Western Unitarian Conference and founded All Souls Church in Chicago; and William Rea (W. R.) Holway, an engineer who was instrumental in the development of Tulsa's water resources.

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Wolf took emeritus status in 1995, and remained active until his death in 2017 at age 92. Under his successors, Brent Smith and the current senior minister, Marlin Lavanhar, the church's activism has continued. Lavanhar was a leading opponent of the Tulsa Zoo's controversial (and short-lived) 2005 decision to include a creationism exhibit. Lavanhar presided over the 2004 memorial service for Fern Holland, a Tulsa lawyer and human rights activist who was the first U.S. civilian to be killed in the Iraq War. In February 2010 he travelled to Uganda to speak in opposition to the proposed Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill. All Souls has also been noted for its efforts to re-examine the 1921 Tulsa race riot, including the controversial role of the church's co-founder and Tribune publisher Richard Lloyd Jones, as well as the riot's lasting impact in Tulsa. In the summer of 2008 the church rented space to New Dimensions, the congregation of Carlton Pearson, a prominent evangelist, former protégé of Oral Roberts, and bishop of the Church of God in Christ, who was declared a heretic by a group of Pentecostal bishops for preaching his “Gospel of Inclusion,” a message that salvation is afforded to all persons including non-Christians. At the end of the summer, Bishop Pearson dissolved New Dimensions and invited the members of his congregation to join him in signing the membership book at All Souls, and to enroll their children in the church's religious education program. All Souls began hosting the All Soul Acoustic Coffeehouse in 2008 in Emerson Hall, founded by Anitra Lavanhar, wife of the church's senior minister. The coffeehouse is not a part of the church's official program, but is a monthly venue for music aficionados. Lavanhar was first exposed to the concept of a smoke-free acoustic coffeehouse that catered to folk musicians while living in Boston. It is a non-profit venture, staffed by eight volunteers. The music is predominantly blues, bluegrass and alternative country style. Attendance varies, but has reportedly been as high as 200. The influx of new members received attention for the concurrent move to introduce a worship liturgy with the livelier, predominantly African-American Pentecostal style of Pearson's followers during one of the church's two Sunday services. As the church has continued to grow in recent years, it has strained the capacity of its Maple Ridge campus. Expansion plans were developed in 2007–2008 but not pursued. In 2011, serious consideration began of a master plan to move the church to a new Downtown Tulsa campus. In November 2011, the congregation voted to accept the donation of a vacant city block in downtown's East Village neighborhood. In 2017 a membership vote reaffirmed the church's intention to move downtown; if sufficient and timely financing is raised, the schedule calls for the new campus to open in time for the church's 100th anniversary in 2021. One historian of the UU movement has described All Souls Unitarian Church as a “prominent” example of a small group of urban UU churches that became “powerful voices of liberal religion in their communities and in the nation.”

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