Swedish Americans return to their Swedish roots. In the program, the participants learn more about their families but in each episode one in the group must leave the show and therefore know less about their ancestry. While the show is primarily Swedish, a lot of English is spoken as well due to the American contestants.

Allt för Sverige - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-30

Allt för Sverige - Alt for Norge - Netflix

Alt for Norge (All for Norway, though marketed in the United States as The Great Norway Adventure) is a Norwegian reality television series which debuted in 2010 and appears on TVNorge and hosted by Fridtjof Nilsen. The reality show features Norwegian Americans participating in challenges relating to Norwegian history and culture, competing to win a reunion with their distant Norwegian relatives. The original Norwegian concept has also been exported to Sweden and Denmark. The phrase “Alt for Norge” is the royal motto of Norway.

Allt för Sverige - 2016 - Season 07 - Netflix

Allt för Sverige - References - Netflix