A repackaged version of Ally McBeal, designed in a sitcom format, used re-edited scenes from the main program, along with previously unseen footage. The intention was to further develop the plots in the comedy-drama in a sitcom style. It also focused only on Ally's personal life, cutting all the courtroom plots.

Ally - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-09-28

Ally - Ally Law - Netflix

Ally Law (born 12 February 1997) is a YouTube personality, known for performing parkour stunts and doing free solo climbing on a range of buildings and structures, as well as doing 'overnight challenges', where he and a group of friends attempt to stay the whole night in various commercial premises.

Ally - Criticism - Netflix

Law has received criticism from politicians, police and general members of the public for his climbing and trespassing of property. He has been warned multiple times by Hampshire Constabulary for trespassing, and after the video footage of him climbing Dumbleton Towers appeared on the Daily Echo, Southampton City Council leader Simon Letts stated that “It is a tragedy waiting to happen and someone's mother is not going to have a son at Christmas.” In response to the trespassing, Law says “I always make sure I find them and explain to them what I am doing and in most cases the police are really understanding.” Speaking to 9news.com.au, after climbing a crane in Melbourne, Law stated that “[he] is not going to pretend it's not dangerous [...] I will never put myself in a situation I'm not 110 percent confident with.” When Law and a group of friends broke into the Etihad Stadium in September 2017, The Independent called the incident a “concerning security breach”.

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