Tokidoki is a Japanese high school student who, when he fails his history class, is sent to a high-tech history museum that virtually recreates the Edo period to do make-up work. However, what was supposed to be a simple school project becomes much more complicated when he's attacked by two supernatural beings known as "the nue" and "the yakou" and loses the vision in his left eye. After he's saved from the nue by a girl named Kuchiha, he realizes that he's no longer wearing the simulation goggles, and is trapped in the virtual Edo.

Amatsuki - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 23 minutes

Premier: 2008-04-04

Amatsuki - Itazura Gokuaku - Netflix

Itazura Gokuaku (いたずら極悪, Itazura Gokuaku, lit. “Heinous Pranks”) is a 3D eroge video game developed and published by REAL, released on May 29, 2009 in Japan. The game is a sequel to REAL's Itazura Real.

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Shunsuke Takahashi (高橋 俊輔, Takahashi Shunsuke) Shunsuke is a chikan and the main protagonist of the game. Kaede Amatsuki (天月 楓, Amatsuki Kaede) Kaede is Shunsuke's younger sister. Voiced by: Junko Kusayanagi Hikaru Kurihara (栗原 光, Kurihara Hikaru) A delinquent girl with pink hair. Voiced by: Kohinata Natsu Yūkichi Tonya (東谷 雄吉, Tonya Yūkichi) Owns a boutique. He is the guy related to Hikaru. Hinata Miyamoto (宮本 日向, Miyamoto Hinata) Hinata is a highschool student who is a member of a tennis club. Voiced by: Asakura Kanami Mako Utsuda (写田 真, Utsuda Mako) A guy who is obsessed with Hinata. He regularly stalks and takes pictures of her. Tomo Kunieda (国枝 智, Kunieda Tomo) Tomo is a highschool student who is a class representative. Voiced by: Naru Udaka Taiyō Kamiya (神矢 太陽, Kamiya Taiyō) He is a narcissist attending the same school as Tomo. He wants to get back at Tomo for not accepting his love confession. Yuzu Onodera (小野寺 柚, Onodera Yuzu) Yuzu is a girl who falsely accused Shunsuke of sexually harassing her. Voiced by: Kanematsu Yuika

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