George Clarke discovers what is really happening in the Great British shed with the Shed of the Year competition - from an intricate shell grotto inside a war bunker to a disco shed that plays the biggest festivals in the country. There's also a Dad's Army enthusiast who's built an entire museum full of memorabilia and a man who's converted his shed into a 1970s amusement arcade. George travels the length and breadth of the British Isles with his Amazing Spaces team of master craftsman Will Hardie, designer Max McMurdo and architect Laura Jane Clarke. At the end of the series the very best design will be crowned Shed of the Year. The competition is split into categories - Unique, Normal, Eco, Cabin & Summerhouse, Workshop & Studio, Garden Office, Pub and Tardis. The competition was dreamed up by Andrew Wilcox, who set up the readersheds website that hosts the competition that...

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-07-24

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year - The Amazing Race 19 - Netflix

The Amazing Race 19 is the nineteenth installment of the American reality television show The Amazing Race. This season featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world. The 19th season premiered on September 25, 2011. The nineteenth season started on Sunday, September 25, 2011. It aired on CBS in the United States on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. The season finale aired on December 11, 2011. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. Engaged couple Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang were the winners of The Amazing Race 19. The complete season was released on DVD on October 7, 2015, via's CreateSpace program.

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year - Development and filming - Netflix

This season of the Race traveled a little over 35,000 miles (56,000 km) to 20 cities and across four continents. Filming started on June 18, 2011, with teams seen leaving Los Angeles International Airport and heading to Taiwan. The starting line was located at the Hsi Lai Temple in the foothills of Hacienda Heights, California. As with the previous season, racers had a task they had to perform before receiving tickets to their first destination. American film crews were also spotted in Hillerød, Denmark, and were suspected to be there for The Amazing Race; marking the first time the Race had visited Denmark. Besides Denmark, this season also included first time visits to Malawi, Belgium, and Indonesia. Two new game elements were introduced in this season. Leg 1 introduced the Hazard, a penalty that one team incurs for being the last team to finish the starting-line task. According to Keoghan, the Hazard was added to “test people's mental strength out of the gate”, and claims it had a “rolling effect” throughout the rest of the Race. Leg 2 was the first time in which two teams were eliminated at the Pit Stop (In Season 10, two teams were eliminated during the first leg, but not both at the Pit Stop. In Season 15, two teams were eliminated after the first episode). In addition, a stand, implemented in Season 2 which shows the city and country where the Pit Stop is removed in this season. During the first leg, racer Kaylani lost her passport at a gas station while en route from Hsi Lai Temple to Los Angeles International Airport. She and teammate Lisa returned to the station to search for the passport but could not find it, and opted to proceed to the airport in the hope that another racer had picked it up. The camera crew accompanying the team had seen the dropped passport, but could not tell Kaylani or Lisa or otherwise act on it; instead they informed the producers of the situation. The producers prepared to conduct an impromptu elimination and host Phil Keoghan rushed to the airport. The passport was found by two bystanders who had previously helped another team at the gas station; after posting about the incident on Twitter, a fan of the show advised them to take the passport to the airport, and they were able to return it to Kaylani before her scheduled flight.

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year - References - Netflix