Aussie Animal Island, narrated by Jason Donovan, sees a group of Tasmanian Devils hauled from the luxury of Australian zoos and sanctuaries then released into the wilds of a remote island. If they can fend for themselves they might just save their entire species from extinction. But how will the island's teeming wildlife cope with the arrival of their new neighbours?

Aussie Animal Island - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-03

Aussie Animal Island - Ric Richardson - Netflix

Ric Richardson is an Australian inventor recognised for his early invention of a form of Product activation used in anti-piracy. He is the inventor of record for a number of U.S. patents, including the Uniloc patent US5490216 and the Logarex patent 6400293. Richardson grew up in Sydney and currently resides in Byron Bay. He founded Uniloc to commercialise his invention and in 2003 it became a licensing company that has sought to license some of the patents he is a named inventor of, from as early as 1992. The machine fingerprinting technology is used to stop copyright infringement; it was developed as Richardson worked on his own software called One-Step and later Truetime. He is now an independent inventor, and is seeking to develop technologies including ship designs, shark warning systems and password replacement technology.

Aussie Animal Island - Haventec - Netflix

In 2016, Richardson cofounded a security technology company called Haventec with Nuix chairman and interim CEO, Anthony “Tony” Castagna. The company is commercialising an invention by Richardson that uses public keys in combination with a one-time password technique to remove passwords from being stored or used on enterprise networks. Another of Richardson's patented inventions is being used by the company to allow consumers to automatically enter credit card details using a technique that is more secure and reliable than browser technologies such as Chrome Auto-complete but does not require the credit card details to be stored on the merchant's servers. Richardson's password-less authentication and one-click payment systems both rely on a concept of reducing the opportunity for hackers to infiltrate an enterprise system.

Aussie Animal Island - References - Netflix