The Swedish version of the British show Balls of Steel.

Ballar av stål is a hidden camera show were a comedian or a funny person enters a normal situation where normal people are and does something funny, which, often annoys the totally unaware people, while it is filmed with a hidden camera.

Ballar av stål - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-03-16

Ballar av stål - Pär Lernström - Netflix

Pär Hugo Gustav Lernström, born 4 September 1980, is a Swedish television presenter, perhaps best known for presenting the Swedish Idol series on TV4. He has worked for SR Stockholm, Utbildningsradion, MTV:s morningshow “Mycket mer än müsli”, Aftonbladet TV7 and Mix Megapol. Lernström has been TV-host for the Swedish version of Balls of Steel, (Ballar av stål). In 2011 Lernström started to work for TV4. He was TV-host for Parlamentet in 2011. On 1 March 2011 it was reported that Lernström were going to be the TV-host for Swedish Idol 2011, replacing Peter Jihde. He is presenting Talang 2017 which is broadcast on TV4. In March 2011 he and his wife Linda Öhrn appeared on the TV-show Herr och Fru on TV4. The couple's first child, a daughter, was born in August 2012.

Ballar av stål - Television Host - Netflix

2009-2010 - Ballar av stål (Balls of Steel) 2011 - Parlamentet (The Parliament) 2011 - Idol Sweden 2012 - Kockarnas kamp (Chef Struggle) 2013 - Veckans svensk (Swede of the week)

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