This miniseries tells a story of redemption that begins where the Bible left off when the crowd before Pilate chooses Barabbas, a criminal, to have his sentence of crucifixion commuted, rather than the sentence of Jesus of Nazareth. In Lagerkvist's continuation of the story, the event changes Barabbas and sends him on a new path in life. Subsequently captured and sent to die in a slave camp, he eventually escapes and discovers that God has a plan for him.

Barabbas - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2013-03-25

Barabbas - Barabbas (2012 film) - Netflix

Barabbas (Italian: Barabba) is a 2012 American-Italian television movie directed by Roger Young.

Barabbas - Cast - Netflix

Billy Zane as Barabbas Cristiana Capotondi as Ester Filippo Nigro as Pontius Pilate Anna Valle as Claudia Procula Tommaso Ramenghi as Dan Hristo Shopov as Kedar Marco Foschi as Jesus Paolo Seganti as Valerius Flaccus

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