Our hunts consist primarily of Do-it-Yourself (DIY), public hunts in New Mexico and the greater Southwest. However, there is no weapon system or geographic location off limits, because we are hunters first. Anyone can kill but this is truly about the hunt- a journey of the trials and tribulations, the joys, and the primal satisfaction of being a hunter. Nothing compares to bringing 100% pure organic game meat home to our families. Mix reality and documentary styles and it is apparent that nothing is rehearsed or scripted; yet, we know what we need to do to thrive and survive in a hunting situation far from outside support. Even when we stumble we persist which enhances the reality aspect of Beyond Rubicon.

Beyond Rubicon - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-13

Beyond Rubicon - Rubicon Technology - Netflix

Rubicon Technology, Inc. is an American company specializing in sapphire crystal growth technology and large-diameter sapphire based on improved Kyropoulos technology called ES2. Improvements to the Kyropoulos technology were developed in its Illinois-based crystal growth facilities. The company has been producing the industry's first 12-inch sapphire wafer since 2010, and has shipped millions of wafers and core products in sizes from 2" to 12" since 2001. The company's markets have been focused on the LED industry and the production of silicon on sapphire (SOS) wafers for integrated circuits (RFICs), as well as on high quality optical and industrial applications for high performance sapphire. The company's current market capitalization is down from around US$ 200 million to $13 million, with an enterprise value (November 2013 to December 2016) from around US$ 160 million to less than zero.

Beyond Rubicon - History - Netflix

In 2000, Rubicon Technology began its commercial production and was incorporated in 2001. It had successful growth of 30 kg sapphire boule in 2002. In 2003, its polishing capacity was added and it received ISO9001 certification in the following year. In 2013, Rubicon launched 4" and 6" Patterned Sapphire Substrates (PSS), extending vertical integration “from powder to pattern”.

Beyond Rubicon - References - Netflix