A&E Network will premiere the new original docu-series Born This Way, following a group of seven young adults born with Down syndrome along with their family and friends in Southern California.

Born This Way - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-08

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“Born This Way” is a song by American singer Lady Gaga, and the lead single from her second studio album of the same name. Written by Gaga and Jeppe Laursen, who produced it along with Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow, the track was developed while Gaga was on the road with The Monster Ball Tour. Inspired by 1990s music which empowered women and the gay community, Gaga explained that “Born This Way” was her freedom song. She sang part of the chorus at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in 2010 and announced the song as the lead single from the album, released on February 11, 2011. “Born This Way” is backed by rumbling synth sounds, a humming bass and additional chorus percussion, with sole organ toward the end. The lyrics discuss the self-empowerment of minorities including the LGBT community as well as racial minorities, referring to “cholas” and “orients”. Critics positively reviewed the song, calling it a “club-ready anthem”, though it faced criticism for having similarities with Madonna's 1989 single “Express Yourself”. The song reached number one in over 25 countries and was her third single to top the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and the 1,000th song in that chart's history (since 1958) to reach number one. “Born This Way” has sold 8.2 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time. Nick Knight directed the accompanying music video, which was inspired by surrealist painters like Salvador Dalí and Francis Bacon. Gaga is depicted as giving birth to a new race during a prologue. After a series of dance sequences, the video concludes with the view of a city populated by this race. Critics noted the video's references to the work of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Björk, and the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, as well as to Greek mythology and surrealism. Gaga performed the song at the 53rd Grammy Awards after coming out of an incubating vessel. It was also performed during the last leg of The Monster Ball Tour and on television shows such as Saturday Night Live, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and Good Morning America. The song was treated with different remixes, including a “Country Road” version recorded by Gaga herself and another by Indian production duo Salim-Sulaiman. Alice Cooper, Madonna, Katy Perry, Maria Aragon, and the cast of the TV series Glee have covered the song.

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At the February 19, 2011, date of The Monster Ball Tour, Gaga performed “Born This Way” as a second encore, using the same general attire and choreography as the Grammy performance, however the incubation vessel was not present and slight alterations were made in the outfits of her dancers. The track was then added to the set-list of the concert tour. Tris McCall from The Star-Ledger was most impressed with the performance, calling it one of the highlights of the concert. He added that “reinterpretation of the single, which was far more Laura Nyro than Madonna, was such an improvement over the mechanized, tricked-out hit version that it was hard not to wish she could get back to the studio and re-cut it before the album comes out.” Gaga performed an acoustic version on The Oprah Winfrey Show, in May 2011, along with another song from Born This Way, “You and I”. Sitting atop a high stool, Gaga—in a red leather blazer, a floppy mask-like hat and see-through leopard bodysuit—played a piano made out of a wire high-heel structure.

At The Graham Norton Show in May 2011, Gaga performed “Born This Way” as the closing song of the show, while on Radio 1's Big Weekend in Carlisle, Cumbria it was the opening song of the set list. Another performance took place at the season finale of Saturday Night Live, where the singer wore a metallic dress and a side ponytail. Midway through her performance, she displayed a pregnant belly as she emerged from within her dancers. A few days later, Gaga performed the song on Good Morning America as a part of their “Summer Concert Series”. She wore gold horns and a gold sequined jacket, and near the end of the performance she joined her dancers in a tank filled with 1,800 pounds (820 kg) of dyed gel. During a promotional visit in Europe in June 2011, piano versions of the song was performed on the final show of the sixth season of Germany's Next Topmodel, and at the EuroPride 2011 in Rome. A medley of “Judas” and “Born This Way” was the closing performance on the Paul O'Grady Live show in London. Gaga closed the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards with “Born This Way”, appearing on stage inside a hanging cocoon. While touring Japan, “Born This Way” was performed along with “The Edge of Glory” on the 2011 MTV Video Music Aid Japan. After finishing performing “The Edge of Glory”, she sneaked around the stage, and climbed some stairs to reach her piano—which was decked up to look like a giant spider—before launching into an acoustic version of “Born This Way”. The song was included on her 2012 Born This Way Ball Tour during which she came out screaming from a giant alien womb. Gaga was dressed in Medieval inspired cloths similar to her performance of the song at the Grammys. Gaga performed an acoustic version of “Born This Way” during her residency show in March 2014, and her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour. In July 2016, Gaga visited an orphanage in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where she sang an acoustic version of the song described as “emotional” by Megan McCluskey from Time. Later that year, she appeared in the Carpool Karaoke segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden, where “Born This Way” was between the selected songs Gaga sang with Corden in the vehicle. On February 5, 2017, Gaga was the headliner of Super Bowl LI halftime show and “Born This Way” was part of the performance. Nico Lang from Salon noted that compared to other songs performed during the event, which were mostly shortened into a medley, Gaga chose to perform the biggest part of “Born This Way”, and “her singing its lyrics made Gaga the first person to ever say the words 'lesbian', 'gay', 'bi', or 'transgender' at the Super Bowl.” Many other journalists highlighted the significance of singing the song at the Super Bowl, calling it a subtle political statement. In April 2017, Gaga performed “Born This Way” during both weeks of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The song was also part of the Joanne World Tour (2017-2018). After singing songs on the piano, Gaga strapped on a long white skirt for the performance of “Born This Way”.

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