Botineras is a telenovela of the police genre, inspired by a worldwide phenomenon: the lives of women married to footballers. It is based on those girls who seek to change their lives by becoming rich and famous by the players and their fortunes, a topic that is very much in vogue today.\ \ Cristian "Chiqui" Flores (Nicolás Cabré) is a world football star who lives in Spain and returns to Argentina to marry his girlfriend, Margarita "Marga" Molinari (Isabel Macedo), who has all aspects of the women alluded to. But the "Chiqui" also lands with suspicion on his shoulders: the death of his greatest rival in that country, mysteriously killed. Due to this suspicion, the Argentine police and the Spanish face an investigation to try to unravel the crime.\ \ The person in charge of that task in Argentina is Laura Posse (Romina Gaetani). This police woman is going to infiltrate the football world to approach the "Chiqui" and investigate the reality that surrounds Eduardo "Tato" Marín (Damián De Santo), representative of Flores, and also Nino Paredes (Gonzalo Valenzuela), lawyer of both. And it's Giselle López (Florencia Peña), the "queen of the booties", who will prepare her for the mission. Giselle has a modeling agency dedicated to locating girls in the soccer field.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-11-24

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Muñeca Brava (Wild doll) is an Argentine telenovela, produced by Telefe in 1998–1999. The television series was broadcast in more than 80 countries over the world, enjoying high ratings. The show was written by Enrique Oscar Torres and directed by Hernán Abrahamsohn, Gaita Aragona and Víctor Stella.The first episode was aired in Argentina on 10 October 1998 on channel Telefe. The play was filmed mainly in Argentina (Buenos Aires). Though some of the episodes were filmed in Italy and Spain. The programme is known for launching the international career of Natalia Oreiro.

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