When a fugitive skips court and goes on the run, bail bonds companies are on the hook for the money. To motivate bounty hunters to find the accused and recover their cash, these companies create competitions. Bounty Wars tells the stories of these real competitions. In a race against the clock, three bounty hunting teams from California-based Bad Boys Bail Bonds are given five days to put a list of accused in custody while earning big bucks for taking big chances.

Bounty Wars - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-07-08

Bounty Wars - Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Netflix

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (released in Japan as Star Wars: Jango Fett) is a Star Wars video game developed and published by LucasArts for the GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2, released in 2002. The game was re-released on the PlayStation Store on November, 2015. In the game, players play as the bounty hunter Jango Fett, featured in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, to which this game serves as a prequel. The main objective of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is to hunt Dark Jedi Komari Vosa. During the game, it is revealed why Jango Fett was chosen as the template for the Grand Army of the Republic, how Boba Fett, his cloned “son” was born, and how Jango acquired Slave I. Players also fight many “bosses”, such as Montross and Longo “Two-Guns”. There are also side objectives, such as collecting secondary bounties, that open special bonus items in the game. When the player beats a chapter, blooper reels - comedic machinima productions - are unlocked.

Bounty Wars - Plot - Netflix

Bounty Hunter tells the tale of Jango Fett that begins as he receives a transmission from Darth Tyranus inviting him to participate in “a special hunt... for a special prey.” The reward is five million credits for the capture of the deranged leader of the Bando Gora, Komari Vosa, a Dark Jedi (and an ex-student of Tyranus). The Bando Gora are a group of Force-worshiping criminals who are proving a thorn in the side of Tyranus and Darth Sidious' plans. Jango agrees to the hunt despite his friend Rozatta acknowledging the danger in attempting to defeat such an adversary. The Bando Gora are behind narcotics modifications of shipments of an illegal drug known as death sticks. Jango pursues a death stick dealer named Jervis Gloom. He captures Gloom and coerces him into revealing his sources. This leads Jango to a processing plant run by a gangster named Groff Haugg. When Jango arrives he encounters his former comrade-turned-nemesis Montross, a fellow Mandalorian bounty hunter, who has already killed Haugg via carbonite freezing. Jango learns that they are pursuing the same prey. Jango fights Montross, who flees after finding a message on Haugg's computer from a co-conspirator, Senator Trell. Jango fights his way through Trell's heavily guarded apartment tower to the Senator's penthouse where he learns that the death sticks came from a Malastare crime lord named Sebolto. Jango kills Trell by throwing him off the building. Jango then proceeds to the asteroid prison Oovo IV to jail break Bendix Fust, a former employee of Sebolto (Sebolto placed a bounty on his head) to gain an audience with the gangster. Deep in the prison, Jango is surprised when another bounty hunter, Zam Wesell, reaches Fust before him. The two meet at gunpoint, but are forced to work together to escape. Jango's ship, Jaster's Legacy is destroyed, so he commandeers a new ship which he dubs Slave I. Before leaving, Fett destroys the hangar and remaining ships to deny the prison any chance of pursuing him. Montross, across the galaxy, realizes that Haugg gave him a false lead. When he hears of the prison riot, Montross follows Jango to Malastare. Fett and Wesell travel to Malastare to deliver Fust to Sebolto. When Sebolto realizes Jango's plan he flees, but perishes when he falls down a pipe into his death stick factory. Jango ventures through the factory, and eventually comes to a cave crawling with members of the Bando Gora. Once he gets past them, he reaches a supply ship. On further inspection, he finds Huttese markings on it. Montross again reappears and taunts Fett about the death of his adoptive father Jaster Mereel and the disastrous battle at Galidraan when the Mandalorians were wiped out by a Jedi ambush. Jango battles Montross, with Wesell eventually providing cover fire and allow the two to escape. Not knowing which Hutt is involved with the Bando Gora, the pair split up to question the two Hutts, Jabba and Gardulla. After killing Longo Two-Gun and his gang and collecting Jabba's bounty on them, Jango questions him and finds that Gardulla has the answers he seeks, with Jabba asking for Jango to kill Gardulla. Fett proceeds to the back of Gardulla's palace through a small canyon, battling Tusken Raiders and Gardulla's guards, before finding Wesell in a holding cell. He tries to leave her there to avoid sounding an alarm, but Zam-thinking Jango is ditching her-compromises his position, and he is apprehended. After escaping detainment, Fett reaches Gardulla, who refuses to give up Vosa's location. Fett then feeds Gardulla to her own pet Krayt dragon, before finishing the dragon off himself. Out of anger for her betrayal, he leaves Wesell on Tatooine to continue searching for Vosa alone. Fett contacts Rozatta, but Montross is listening in and attacks the station, rigging it to explode. Montross then taunts Fett, telling him that his friend is in danger. Fett temporarily abandons his mission to help Rozatta. He arrives to a fatally wounded Rozatta, who gives him a guidance device to help him track Vosa before she dies. Fett leaves Outland Station, with it exploding moments later. Fett arrives on Kohlma, a moon of the planet Bogden, and secret headquarters of the Bando Gora. He arrives at the gates of Vosa's citadel, where he finds Montross waiting for him. They duel a final time with Montross wearing his Mandalorian helmet and jetpack. Jango finally defeats Montross, who wishes to have a warrior's death. Fett, as a means of revenge for his abandoning Jaster and murdering Rozatta, lets the Bando Gora tear Montross to pieces as he walks away. Upon entering the castle, he is taken prisoner. He is tortured both physically and mentally by Vosa. However, Wesell then arrives, but is injured by Vosa. As Vosa moves to kill her, Wesell blasts Jango's restraints, freeing him. Fett follows a fleeing Vosa through the castle and ultimately fatally wounds her. As she lies defeated she is force choked by Darth Tyranus, who then steps from the shadows. Tyranus explains that the entire ordeal was a test, and that Fett has passed with flying colors. He offers Fett a considerably larger sum to go to Kamino, to be the template for a clone army. Fett agrees, on the condition that he gets the first clone for himself unaltered (thus honoring Rozatta's final wish that he would find something to live for besides money). The game ends with Fett carrying the wounded Wesell to Slave I.

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