Growing up with her overprotective father Hulk Hogan, Brooke wasn't allowed to date or be alone with a boy. But now that's she's turning 20, she's moving out and renting an apartment in Miami Beach, facing new responsibilities and opportunities as she tries to build a career as singer. Despite their recent divorce, both Mom and Dad help Brooke with the move. But will Hulk be able to let go of his little girl?

Brooke Knows Best - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-07-13

Brooke Knows Best - Brooke Knows Best - Netflix

Brooke Knows Best is a VH1 reality series spin off from the hit VH1 reality program, Hogan Knows Best. The series first aired July 13, 2008. The show, shot in South Beach, Miami, centers on Brooke Hogan beginning adulthood independent from her parents, no longer living under their roof or being supported by them. The show has since been canceled.

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Brooke Hogan, now out on her own with the love and support of her family, Brooke often finds herself unsure of how to handle many situations. As one example, she's become confused with what she wants to do in life, reconsidering going to college as opposed to continuing on with her career in music. Because of her passiveness, admittedly hating confrontation, Hogan has had numerous issues being direct and up-front with people, especially considering the fact that her father took over in this area when they lived together. Brooke is not without her goofy and playful side that was seen on Hogan Knows Best. Occasionally, Hogan also finds herself depressed and saddened from reflecting on her family's troubles, as well as in terms of romantic relationships. Despite no longer having her father as an obstacle in meeting boys, Hogan has found that an even bigger obstacle is finding the right one. Glenn Douglas Packard is Brooke's affable, jovial, fun-loving roommate. Glenn is a music director and choreographer from Clare, Michigan, who handles the choreography for Brooke's music. Glenn is openly gay and Hulk Hogan was quick to make sure of this upon finding out that he would be rooming with Brooke, making it clear that he wasn't ok with any heterosexual or bisexual men living with his daughter. With her parents now out of the picture, Glenn acts as a support system for Brooke, especially when she is feeling sad about something or confused on how to handle certain situations. Very supportive and open-minded, Glenn helps Brooke in making decisions, offers advice, and is always open to whatever decisions Brooke ends up making. Ashley Menendez is Brooke's second roommate to move in. When Brooke and Glenn were unable to find a fitting second roommate in their area, they both decided on Ashley, who was an old high school friend of Brooke's. Prior to the series, Menendez had moved to New York to become a dancer but had to stop due to an injury.

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