Oxygen takes viewers to the small, close-knit community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and surrounding neighborhoods including Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst in Oxygen's newest docu-series Brooklyn 11223, premiering on Monday, March 26 at 11PM ET/PT. The series provides a voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of twentysomething friends whose once rock-solid friendships have been torn apart by betrayal.

Bay Ridge was made famous by the iconic film "Saturday Night Fever" thirty-five years ago. The film's coming-of-age themes of longing for escape and rolling with a tough crowd remain very much the same today. Nothing is more important in these Brooklyn neighborhoods than loyalty, respect and family. This is the story of someone who may have broken that code during an evening clouded in mystery when one friend may have betrayed another by seducing a boyfriend. Vividly shot in a lush documentary style that showcases the urban streetscapes of Brooklyn, "Brooklyn 11223" follows the story of childhood friends Joey Lynn and Christie and their respective group of friends as they spend their summer learning about themselves, the bonds of friendship and the price of betrayal.

Brooklyn 11223 - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-03-26

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John Dewey High School is a public school in Gravesend, Brooklyn, New York City. It was founded and based on the educational principles of John Dewey. The school, under the supervision of the New York City Department of Education, was named a New American High School in 2000. It opened on September 8, 1969 with 1,130 students and started with only freshmen and sophomores. The school grew in the next two academic years to include juniors and seniors. There currently are over 3,200 students enrolled. It counts among its alumni producer and director Larry Charles, filmmaker Spike Lee, Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies, Radio personality David Brody, New York rock and comedy club owner (Luna Lounge) Rob Sacher, photographer Gregory Crewdson, WWE wrestler Jayson Paul (aka JTG), scientist Robert Sapolsky, astrologer-journalist Eric Francis, news correspondent Ray Suarez, and Chinese movie actress Michelle Ye. John Dewey High School was also the first “educational-option” school in New York City, in which applicants are admitted through academic groups based on their citywide test scores: high, middle, and low-achieving. Dewey selects students from each of the three groups. Other schools in the city, such as Edward R. Murrow High School, Murry Bergtraum High School and Norman Thomas High School have since opened, following Dewey's “ed-op” system of admissions.

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John Dewey High School offers approximately 17 Advanced Placement courses, one of the highest for New York City public high schools. These include courses in

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