Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an ensemble comedy about a talented-but-carefree detective, a by-the-book police captain and their precinct colleagues. While based in the workplace, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not really about the job – it's about the men and women behind the badge.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-17

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom which premiered in September 2013. The show revolves around the fictional 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department, located in Brooklyn.

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Kevin Dorff as Hank, the bartender at Shaws Bar, the squad's favorite bar. He throws the squad out when Amy destroys the bar in “Thanksgiving”. In “The Last Ride”, he tells Gina to get out from behind the bar but she ignores him. Marc Evan Jackson as Kevin Cozner, Holt's husband and the Chair of Columbia University's Classics Department. He dislikes the NYPD due to their treatment of Holt and his homosexuality during his earlier years on the force, but thaws a little when Jake shows him how much the 99th respects and cares for Holt. Like his husband, Kevin is cold, sardonic and unemotional, although he claims that Raymond is the “funny” one in their relationship, something that puzzles the detectives. Cozner develops a rapport with Holt's assistant Gina Linetti, referring to her by her first name (by contrast, he takes pains to always call Jake “Peralta”). He also learned a couple of self-defense techniques from his husband, and used it to rescue Holt and Jake from Seamus Murphy. The two own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Cheddar. Craig Robinson as Doug Judy a.k.a. “The Pontiac Bandit”, an intelligent, happy-go-lucky thief and forger who exclusively steals Pontiac vehicles. In “Pontiac Bandit,” Peralta and Diaz bring Judy in for questioning related to the Pontiac Bandit, unaware that he is the perpetrator of the thefts. He leads the detectives to a red-herring suspect, escaping before they discover that Judy is their real target. He is later apprehended in “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”, but offers to assist Diaz and Peralta in a drug investigation in exchange for a lighter sentence, and again manages to escape during the investigation. He returns again in “The Cruise,” where he gets Jake and Amy's protection from a potential assassin on a cruise ship before escaping yet again. In season 4, Doug's former foster brother, George, escapes a prison bus wreck, and Peralta brings in Doug to help capture his brother. Afterwards, Doug Judy is given immunity for his past crimes. In “Hostage Situation”, he appears to have gone straight and has started selling cars to child celebrities. When a shady figure from his past shows up and threatens his mother, he gets Jake's help in taking him down, but escapes the cops and steals diamonds that nearly cost Jake his job. However, Jake is invited to a karaoke room which they performed in during the plan and tells him that he'll be leaving for an unknown destination, recorded a couple of songs for Jake and Amy's wedding, and left Jake the diamonds he stole to ensure that his friend won't be punished for letting him escape. Judy is a likeable and outgoing man with a talent for staying one step ahead of Peralta, who considers him his nemesis. Initially contemptuous of Peralta, Judy gains respect for him and by season 3 considers him a friend. Judy is also very (mainly sexually) attracted to Diaz. Stephen Root as Lynn Boyle, Charles's father who engages in a romantic encounter with Gina's mother, Darlene, and eventually marries her. He is a retired florist and is known to get overly eager and take big risks like his son. Sandra Bernhard as Darlene Linetti, Gina's mother, who engages in a romantic encounter with Charles's father, Lynn, and eventually marries him. She is a travel agent and shares her daughter's confidence and superstitions. Marilu Henner as Vivian Ludley, a food author who becomes romantically involved with Boyle. In “Full Boyle”, she and Boyle become engaged, until she breaks it off in “Charges and Specs” when she wants to move to Canada and Boyle is not willing to do so. Bradley Whitford as Captain Roger Peralta, Jake's absentee father and commercial airline pilot. He left his family when Jake was at a young age and has cheated on his wife with multiple women. He eventually attempts to reconcile with Jake and Karen even when the latter knew about an affair with their neighbor. In “Two Turkeys” it's revealed that besides Jake he has three daughters with other women and an unknown amount of other sons. Katey Sagal as Karen Peralta, Jake's mother. She is a public school art teacher who worked hard to raise Jake as a single mother after Roger left the family. Despite their past, Karen eventually begins dating Roger again much to Jake's discomfort. Merrin Dungey as Sharon Jeffords, Terry's wife. She is kind and supportive towards her husband and his profession, but can occasionally be stubborn and doesn't like being lied to. She is often seen taking care of their twin daughters Cagney and Lacey and eventually gives birth to their third daughter Ava on the show. Jamal Duff as Zeke, Sergeant Jeffords' brother-in-law. Zeke often taunts Terry for his shorter height and profession, leaving the latter to turn to Captain Holt for help. Jimmy Smits as Victor Santiago, Amy's father. He is a retired cop and is shown to be overly organized and competitive like his daughter. He initially doesn't approve of Amy's relationship with Jake, but changes his mind and respects his daughter's decision after the two solve one of Victor's older cases. Bertila Damas as Camila Santiago, Amy's mother. Like her daughter, she can occasionally be over-controlling and competitive. Nick Cannon as Marcus, Holt's nephew, who begins a romantic relationship with Detective Rosa Diaz in season 2. Rosa breaks up with him in season 3 due to him being too emotional for her. Niecy Nash as Debbie, Holt's sister. Unlike her brother, she tends to be loud and overdramatic about her life, making it difficult for Holt to be around her. Mary Lynn Rajskub as Genevieve Mirren-Carter, an art curator who was initially framed for stealing her own paintings for the insurance money. She was eventually vindicated by Charles, and begins dating him over similar interests. Genevieve and Charles adopted a son, Nicolaj, on whom he dotes. L. Scott Caldwell as Laverne, Holt's mother and a federal judge. Holt refers to her as “Your Honor”. Danny Trejo as Oscar Diaz, Rosa's father. He's intimidating and tough like his daughter, though Rosa mentioned in an earlier episode that he was a teacher. When Rosa comes out as bisexual, he doesn't take it well at first, but manages to accept his daughter for who she is. Olga Merediz as Julia Diaz, Rosa's mother. Unlike her husband, she still hasn't fully accepted her daughter's bisexuality. Nasim Pedrad as Katie Peralta, Jake's half-sister on his father's side as a result of Roger's affairs. She lives in Dallas, Texas and has a chaotic personality that Jake and Amy have a hard time handling. Sarah Baker as Kylie, Amy's best friend.

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