Brown Girls centers on a queer Pakistani-American writer and a commitment-phobic Black-American musician who rely on their friendship and sisterhood as they try to rise above their lives' messiness in pursuit of their dreams.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-13

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“Brown Girl in the Ring” is a traditional children's song in the West Indies. It was originally featured in the game of the same name, thought to have originated in Jamaica. The song became internationally known when it was recorded by the group Boney M. in 1978. Originally it was the B-side of their hit “Rivers of Babylon”, but became a hit in its own right. The song had previously been recorded by the group Malcolm's Locks, leading to a dispute over royalties. The song had also been recorded in 1972 by the Bahamian musician Exuma.

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Lord Invader, a calypsonian from Trinidad, recorded a version circa 1946-1947 in New York. The recording is now part of the Smithsonian Folkways collection and was only released in 2000 on Lord Invader Calypso in New York CD. Jamaican poet, actress and singer Louise Bennett recorded the song in 1957 on an album of Children's Jamaican Songs and Games, re-released by Smithsonian Folkways (2007) The Belize-born actress and singer Nadia Cattouse performed the song on her eponymous album, released in Britain in 1966. Exuma recorded “Brown Girl” on his second album “Reincarnation” in 1972. Exuma claims to be the original artist to have recorded Brown Girl in the Ring. He claims that his version of Brown Girl in the Ring was re-recorded by Boney M without the permission of Exuma. The lawsuit has gone on for over 20 years. The Maytones released a single of the song arranged by Alvin Ranglin in 1972 Malcolms Locks (which included a member of the future group Boney M) released a version in 1975, see above Boney M. released a version in 1978, see above The Wiggles, an Australian children's band, in Big Red Car, 1995. The 1997 Smurfs Album 'The Smurfs Go Pop Again' featured a parody version on the song called “Shy Smurfs in the ring” Australian rapper Iggy Azalea sampled elements for the song “Goddess” on her debut album The New Classic in 2014. Other versions have been done by Brotherhood of Man, Raffi, Dan Zanes, Kathy Hampson's New Elastic Band, & the Minipops. Jurassic 5, a Southern California-based hip-hop group, has a song titled “Brown Girl” which refers to the original song in its chorus. Austrian Waterloo & Robinson covered the song in German, using Boney M.'s original backing track and backing vocals.

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