The 1970s punk scene comes to rough and fumbling life when Terry, a young music aficionado flees Texas and moves into the run-down, cockroach-infested Canterbury Apartments, in the heart of Hollywood. Terry and his rowdy female musician roommates sleep all day and make music and mayhem all night at Hollywood's first punk rock club, as they try to break into the music industry.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

Canterbury Tales - The Canterbury Tales (TV series) - Netflix

The Canterbury Tales is a series of six single dramas that originally aired on BBC One in 2003. Each story is an adaptation of one of Geoffrey Chaucer's 14th century Canterbury Tales which are transferred to a modern, 21st century setting, but still set along the traditional Pilgrims' route to Canterbury. Repeats of the series in the UK have been on channels including ITV3.

Canterbury Tales - Production - Netflix

I wanted to be as faithful to the stories and spirit of the Tales as possible and we have tried to achieve that. ... They had to appeal to those more familiar with Chaucer but also work in their own right as single films, to an audience unfamiliar with Chaucer, and this was important to all of us.

The production filmed in Kent at Rochester which is the setting for The Pardoner’s Tale and features the castle, Cathedral, Chertsey Gate, the High Street, Esplanade and various streets, pubs and restaurants. Gravesend is the setting in The Seacaptain’s Tale where old waterfront warehouses, the pier and Town Pier Square feature and the river scenes in The Man of Laws’ Tale were filmed on the River Medway and The Medway Estuary.

The anthology series was conceived by executive producers Laura Mackie and Franc Roddam in 2001, and produced by Kate Bartlett, while a number of writers and directors were chosen specifically to work on individual episodes. Bartlett said of the productions that:

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