Cilla's World of Comedy is a series of comedy plays focussing on the trials and tribulations of six modern women with very different lives.

Cilla's World of Comedy - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1976-08-31

Cilla's World of Comedy - Gas-s-s-s - Netflix

Gas-s-s-s (also known as Gas! or It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It) is a 1970 motion picture produced and released by American International Pictures. It was producer Roger Corman's final film for AIP, after a long association. He was unhappy because AIP made several cuts to the film without his approval, including removing the final shot where God commented on the action - a shot which Corman regarded as one of the greatest he had made in his life. The movie is a post-apocalyptic dark comedy, about survivors of an accidental military gas leak, of an experimental agent that kills everyone on Earth over the age of twenty-five. (A cartoon title sequence shows a John Wayne-esque Army General announcing — and denouncing — the “accident”; the story picks up after the victims have died.) The lead characters, Coel and Cilla, were played by Robert Corff and Elaine Giftos, and the cast features Ben Vereen, Cindy Williams, Bud Cort and Talia Shire (credited as “Tally Coppola”) in early roles. Country Joe McDonald makes an appearance, as spokesman “AM Radio”.

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George Armitage had met Roger Corman at 20th Century Fox when the latter was making The St Valentine's Day Massacre. Armitage later recalled he wrote a script - “it was called either Carrot Butts or A Christmas Carrot — which had animated cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny and so on, coming to life. It was about the studio systems and all this stuff.” His agent gave the script to Gene [Corman, Roger’s brother], who gave it to Roger, “and he loved it, so they submitted it to UA (United Artists) where they had a deal—Mike Medavoy was just taking over there and he was younger than I was. From there, Roger said: “Well, that didn’t work, why don’t we try something else?” Usually he has a title or something and he’ll say: “Go ahead, write something, just keep the title.”” Gas-s-s-s was an idea of Corman's, about a world where everybody over thirty had died. Corman later said “my first thought was to do a science fiction film with allegorical overtones.” Armitage remembers the concept just being “a sentence, and that’s what we went with... He let you make it your own, and I did.” Corman said that although “there was some good work in” Armitage's first draft, “the points I was trying to make in the script either did not come through or came through too obviously different parts, and it became less science fiction and more and more a direct liberal left wing statement picture. I didn't want to be quite that obvious about what I was doing. So I then decided to switch to a comedy, thinking back to Bucket of Blood and Little Shop of Horrors.” United Artists had financed the script but Corman says they felt it was too risk to finance, as they believed it needed a budget of two million dollars. Corman bought the script back off them and decided to finance the film himself, at around $300,000. Corman says filming commenced using a first draft, which was rewritten constantly throughout the shoot.

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