Classic Car Rescue follows Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione as they look around scrapheaps, wastelands and back yards to look classic cars that are in need of restoration. They also find out about the stories behind the vehicles and discover why they occupy an important place in history.

Classic Car Rescue - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-09-24

Classic Car Rescue - Classic Car Rescue - Netflix

Classic Car Rescue is a British/Canadian reality television series produced by Blink Films and aired on Channel 5 for six weeks in 2012, as well as on Discovery Networks affiliates in international markets. Each one-hour episode documents the work of Cockney mechanic Bernie Fineman and his Italian Canadian business partner Mario Pacione, as they purchase “shameful rust bucket” classic cars from scrapheaps, wastelands and backyards and restore them to their former, or to new, glories. Having bought the “bargain wrecks,” the pair must then source the parts needed to return the cars to the shiny, desirable motors they once were. At the end of each episode, the cars are appraised by an automotive valuer before being given away in a viewer competition. The programme returned with a second series in 2014, running for eight weeks.

Classic Car Rescue - Reception - Netflix

James Ruppert of Autocar wrote a scathing review on the TV series, criticizing Fineman as a “big fat bully making a drama out of a manufactured crisis.”

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