Counting Cars shows the work that Danny "The Count" Koker and his crew go through to restore and customize classic vehicles, from acquiring the rides -- whether he finds them at an auto auction or a roadside diner -- to restoring and modifying the vehicles to help flip them for profit. Classic cars, like Thunderbirds and Corvettes, and motorcycles are often seen in his shop, Count's Kustoms. This edition Counting Cars Supercharged of the half-hour show features enhanced versions of episodes that previously aired as part of the original run.

Counting Cars Supercharged - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-26

Counting Cars Supercharged - Bentley Blower No.1 - Netflix

Bentley Blower No.1 is a racing car developed from the Bentley 4½ Litre by Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin to win the Le Mans twenty-four-hour race. The car was developed into its current form for racing at Brooklands. In June 2012, the car was sold by Bonhams for £5,042,000 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, making it the most expensive British-built car sold.

Counting Cars Supercharged - Production - Netflix

The original No.1 had a taut canvas top stretched over a lightweight Weymann aluminium frame, housing a two-seat body. This presented a very light but still resistant to wind structure. It was officially presented in 1929 at the British International Motor Show at Olympia, London. No.1 first appeared at the Essex six hour race at Brooklands on 29 June 1929. However, the car initially proved to be very unreliable. W.O. had never accepted the Blower Bentley, but with effective company owner and financial backer Barnato's support, Birkin persuaded W.O. to produce the fifty supercharged cars necessary for the model to be accepted for Le Mans. In addition to these production cars built by Bentley Motors, Birkin put together a racing team of four remodelled prototypes plus a spare No.1: a track car for Brooklands, but with headlights and mudguards No.2, 3 and 4: road registered (No.2 - GY3904; No.3 - GY3905) No.5: a fifth car, registered for the road, assembled from spare parts

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