The undying sakura trees return. The story once again takes place on Hatsunejima, but is set 53 years after the events of D.C. and D.C.S.S.. Although some characters will probably look a bit familiar to the initiated eye, the cast is a new one. The two new main protagonists are the Asakura sisters Yume and Otome, who are the granddaughters of Jun'ichi and Nemu from the first season

D.C. II: Da Capo II - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2007-10-01

D.C. II: Da Capo II - Aichi Television Broadcasting - Netflix

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (abbreviated name: TVA, Japanese: テレビ愛知株式会社, translit. Terebi Aichi Kabushiki Gaisha) is a TV station in Nagoya, Japan. It is known as “TV Aichi”. It is a network TV station of TXN.

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