Destination Fear is a Canadian paranormal television series that features wannabe ghost hunters who visit paranormal hotspots that are reported to be haunted, unaware that they've been set up by their loved ones to experience staged frightening encounters.

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-05-05

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Final Destination is an American horror franchise consisting of five films, ten novels, and two comic books composed of six issues in total. Each medium features a protagonist who experiences a premonition of himself/herself and several others dying in a catastrophic accident, only to escape the event with a handful of other characters moments before it turns into a reality. The survivors later die one by one in a series of elaborate and often gory scenarios that frequently resemble Rube Goldberg machines in their complexity. Despite depicting homicide, the series is noteworthy amongst others in the horror genre in that the “villain” of the films is not the stereotypical slasher or monster but the entity Death itself (occasionally seen as a fleeting shadow or a gust of wind) which manipulates the environment in deadly ways with the intent of reclaiming the lives of the survivors. The list of characters includes those who died in the protagonist's initial premonition and those who died among the survivors. Characters are listed in alphabetical order, and are arranged by chronological appearance. Unnecessary characters are excluded, for example, those who do not affect the story heavily. The status of the character indicates whether the character is alive, deceased, or if their fate is unknown.

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Portrayed by: Shaun Sipos Appeared in: Final Destination 2, Final Destination 5 Status: Deceased Frankie Whitman was a college student from White Plains, New York and a casualty in the Route 23 pile-up. He was portrayed by Shaun Sipos.

In the film, Frankie, Dano Estevez, Shaina McKlank, and Kimberly Corman, go on a road trip to Daytona Beach, Florida for spring break. En route, Kimberly has a premonition of a massive pile-up, in which a semi truck smashes into her SUV, killing all four of them. As a result, Kimberly stalls her SUV to prevent other drivers from entering the freeway. After Officer Thomas Burke asks Kimberly to exit the vehicle, Frankie, Dano, and Shaina, are killed by the same truck from Kimberly's vision. His death was referenced in the opening credits of The Final Destination, and he was seen again in a montage at the end of Final Destination 5.

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