Jae-ho and his sister Jae-young were abandoned by their mother to escape poverty. Because of this, Jae-ho doesn't understand what love is. And so, he has a dream of becoming rich, thinking that there is no such thing as love, only money. He works hard his whole life while supporting himself and his sister through college. He works at a seafood wholesale market selling crabs to vendors. He lives with his aunt who has taken him and his sister in after their mother abandoned them. With his big dreams and ambitions, he pretends to be rich while in school, in order to gain the attention of Hyun-soo, who is from a very rich family. Thus, he tries to get her to like him so he can marry into her family and become rich. But during this process, he falls in love with his Psychology teacher, Shin-young. He battles with his feelings and his ambitions, and ultimately picks love over money. Even th…

Did We Really Love? - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1999-01-27

Did We Really Love? - Love Really Hurts Without You - Netflix

“Love Really Hurts Without You” is a song recorded by British R&B recording artist Billy Ocean. The song – written by Ocean under his real name Les[lie] Charles with the track's producer Ben Findon – was the second single recorded in the name Billy Ocean (although the singer had had several previous releases using other stage names) and provided Ocean with his first chart record in 1976. The song remains tied with the 1977 #2 UK hit “Red Light Spells Danger” as Ocean's second best all-time UK charting record, after “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” which had a four-week #1 UK tenure in 1985. It is often cited for its Motown influence.

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“Love Really Hurts Without You” is unique among Billy Ocean's twelve Hot 100 hits in that it failed to also rank on the Billboard R&B chart, where Ocean would place an overall total of eighteen singles beginning with the followup to “Love Really Hurts...”: “L.O.D (Love on Delivery)” (#55 R&B). A major factor in Ocean's “Love Really Hurts...” failing to rank as an R&B hit was that concurrent with the single's US release a cover version by Alex Brown was recorded for the Chelsea Records Roxbury label with John Madara producing. After hearing Alex Brown singing on the sessions for a Wayne Newton album, Chelsea owner Wes Farrell had suggested that she cut “Love Really Hurts...” – (Alex Brown quote:) “We went in the studios that night: it was recorded by midnight and was pressed up and in the shops about three days later.” The Alex Brown version of “Love Really Hurts Without You” debuted on the Hot Soul Singles chart in Billboard dated 8 May 1976 – the week after the Hot 100 debut of the Billy Ocean original – and despite rising no higher than

65 R&B the Alex Brown version evidently satisfied the R&B market demand

for “Love Really Hurts...” as the Billy Ocean version was never ranked on the Billboard R&B chart, while ranking on the Cash Box Top 100 R&B chart only for three weeks with a #91 peak reached 1 May 1976 on which chart the Brown cover reached its Cash Box R&B peak of #60. Cash Box also ranked the Alex Brown version of “Love Really Hurts...” in its Looking Ahead to the Top 100 chart of singles in positions #101 – #120 at #107 (24 April 1976) and #120 (1 May 1976). Despite Cash Box improved statistics for Brown's “Love Really Hurts...” as opposed to the single's Billboard stats, the Billy Ocean original was ranked significantly higher on the Cash Box Top 100 than on the Billboard Hot 100 as the Cash Box Top 100 afforded the single a #16 peak, six positions above its best Hot 100 ranking.

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