Autumn is bearing down on Alaska, and the Keefer Brothers are embarking on another unpredictable north-country adventure. The stakes are higher than ever as the September winds of change threaten to choke the landscape with ice and snow. The Brothers are forced to match wits with Mother Nature with very limited gear. They've been Dropped, with nothing but the clothes on their back and the sidearms on their hip for last resort predator protection. Supply yielding caches have been placed at predetermined locations along the way. The rules are simple; find and validate each cache on time, or lose its contents forever. Chris and Casey are forced to dig deep as they raft through mile after mile of rocky river, keeping their eyes peeled for enough scraps to survive along the way. The clock is ticking.

Dropped - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-12-27

Dropped - Dropped (TV series) - Netflix

Dropped is a French survival reality television series that was scheduled to air on TF1 in 2015. Based on the Swedish television series Det största äventyret (SV The Greatest Adventure), the premise of the programme is to drop celebrities into a hostile environment and leave them to fend for themselves. Filming began in February 2015, but was halted in early March following a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of ten people, including three of the contestants and five of the production crew.

Dropped - History - Netflix

Produced by Adventure Line Productions (ALP), and developed from the Swedish reality show Det största äventyret (The Great Adventure), the format of Dropped involves blindfolding several sports personalities, then dropping them at a remote location where they must use their survival skills to find their way back to civilisation. Contestants are split into two teams, which must then compete against each other, and have 72 hours to reach a location where they can charge and use a mobile phone. A promotional video explains the show's premise as: “Two teams are dropped into the middle of nowhere. No food. No map. No help.” Filming of the series began in late February in Ushuaia, a city in the far southern Patagonia region of Argentina. The cast included seven French athletes—Florence Arthaud, Alain Bernard, Philippe Candeloro, Jeannie Longo, Camille Muffat, Alexis Vastine, Sylvain Wiltord—and Swiss athlete Anne-Flore Marxer. By Monday 9 March, the show had moved to the province of La Rioja, and filming of the first episode was complete, with Wiltord having been eliminated from the process, and returned home to Paris.

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