A house full of daughters is a 35-part German sitcom series, which of the Fourth was produced and broadcast on 19 August of 2010. Carsten Vogel Family therapist, father of five daughters and his wife for a Hockey leave -Profi. Alone with his very different between five and 17 year old daughters seems completely overwhelmed with the budget Carsten. His mother Wilhelmina of spark him here also no help. In addition to the private vocational problems will be added: The patient stay away. Only Tessa Birkin, wife of millionaire Michael Birkin comes to him, even though she wanted to divorce originally because her husband wants to have children.

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2010-08-19

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The following is a list of situation comedy series that have been ranked among some of the worst series in television history. With the possible exception of reality television, the sitcom genre constitutes the largest category of poorly received television shows, with a long list of critically unsuccessful productions.

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Kath & Kim (2008) – An American remake of the Australian series, the show has generated criticism from fans and television critics, especially in the casting, adjusting of the tone of the show and even the show's costume design, which has led to Selma Blair firing back over the claims that it ruins the creativity of the original. Early reviews of the pilot were poor, with the San Francisco Chronicle calling it “a contender for worst remake ever.”

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