Three times already has frantically fled the vows and let her groom Sam (Pierre Kywitt) are at the last second before the altar Rosa Winter (Alexandra Neldel). It seems that weddings really not right for Rosa. Nevertheless, the skilled graphic designer is about to realize her childhood dream to be a wedding planner with - to become self-employed "Rosa Bridal & Events". The matching bridal shop inherited from her Aunt Tilly, the Berliner, now it falls short only on the finances. However, since properly. Even from her mother Ruth (Petra Kelling) may Rosa expect any bailout because the marriages has for absolutely nothing left. Therefore, only a start-up grant Rosas rescue dream of their own agency. However, for it needs in the shortest possible time a detailed business plan - but figures are not just Rosas specialty. When Rosa Meral Tosun (Sara Fazilat) applies, this is like a twist of fate: Rosa learns the patents industrial clerk in a Neuköllner backyard workshop when buying your pink car companies to know and appreciate. Meral cares since the death of the mother to the father and the two adult brothers, but secretly dreams of a job away from engine oil and wrench. Meral do not dither and can not be that opportunity to a professional Tapetenwechsel missed. Now the only challenge to the pennant of his own family. Merals zest and pleasant-gripping type like Pink and she closes her new employee immediately in her heart.

The first order welds the two then really together because he is pink and Meral with unexpected challenges: Michelle (Alissa Jung), Frank (Oliver Bootz) and daughter Lilli (Antonie Lawrenz) seem at first glance like a young picture-book family their happiness now wants to make perfect my marriage vows. But already at the initial interview with Michelle and Frank Rosa feels that something is wrong at all. And since it's Rosas Herzensangelegenheit to prepare the most beautiful day of her life only truly happy couple, their instinct is awakened. Love Michelle and Frank today really from the heart, or hidden behind the desire of vows something completely different? At all costs, Rosa wants to find out if Michelle and Frank belong together, or whether the marriage is a sham. The enterprising Meral, however it is pretty no matter what lies behind the beautiful facade of the newlyweds. Much more important it is that wedding align so that the first order will be successfully fulfilled and Rosa can reap the fee. With all forces Meral therefore tried to dissuade her boss from interfering in the affairs of the couple relationship, but Rosa can be deterred by anything. The order falters - is pink wedding agency already at the end before it has even begun right?

Einfach Rosa - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Running

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-30

Einfach Rosa - Zsuzsanna Gahse - Netflix

Zsuzsanna Gahse (born 27 June 1946, Budapest) is a Hungarian-born German-language writer and translator who lives in Switzerland.

Einfach Rosa - Life and works - Netflix

Zsuzsanna Gahse is the daughter of Hungarian parents, and Hungarian is her mother tongue. Her family fled to the West after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and settled in Vienna, where Gahse attended high school and learnt the German language. She began publishing literary works in 1969, and from 1978, encouraged by her mentor Helmut Heißenbüttel, translating works from Hungarian. She has published German translations of works by István Eörsi, Péter Esterházy, Péter Nádas and Zsuzsa Rakovszky, as well as producing a range of essays and fiction under her own name. From 1989 to 1993 she was a lecturer at the University of Tübingen. In 1996, she lectured in poetry at the University of Bamberg. Today she lives mainly in Müllheim, in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau. Zsuzsanna Gahse is a member of the PEN Centers in Germany and Switzerland, as well as the authors' association Die Kogge.

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