A long-running New Zealand programme in which a team of presenters investigate issues and complaints relating to "consumer rights".

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Type: News

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1977-04-07

Fair Go - Fair Go - Netflix

Fair Go is a New Zealand consumer affairs television programme hosted by Pippa Wetzell and Hadyn Jones. First aired in 1977, it is one of New Zealand's longest-running and highest-rated programmes, frequently placed high in the New Zealand TV Guide list of most viewed programs. Fair Go features a mixture of investigative journalism and consumer affairs stories, based on the motto: “If you've been ripped off, short-changed or given the runaround and nobody wants to know...we do!” Fair Go also holds the annual Fair Go Ad Awards, in which the best and worst advertisements on New Zealand television are announced, and a competition to find the best 30-second video by New Zealand students is held. Current reporters for the show, along with the two hosts, are Hannah Wallis, Garth Bray, Anna Burns-Francis and Matt Chisholm. Fill-in reporters are Pete Cronshaw and Mary-Jane Aggett.

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In 1997, Fair Go was awarded a Bravo award by the New Zealand Skeptics for “poking a little of their irrepressible fun at alleged psychics providing lucky lotto numbers.”

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