A docu-series that follows seven very different people whose niche uber-obsessions run the gamut from comic books and collectibles to science fiction and fantasy to cosplay and live action role playing. Living together and working together at Stan Lee's Comikaze, Los Angeles' largest pop-culture convention, the cast must contend with each others oversized personalities and conflicting passions as they vie for a opportunities within Lee's organization. Because when different passions come together—you get a real big bang. These roommates stop at nothing to prove their fan-cred to each other, debating everything from favorite superheroes, "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek", and even what they would do in the event of a real zombie apocalypse. And while the claws do come out, this hilarious and loveable group is ultimately bound together by a shared joy of fandom.

Fangasm - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-24

Fangasm - Con Man (web series) - Netflix

Con Man is an American comedy web series created, written, directed by, and starring Alan Tudyk. The series follows cult science fiction actor Wray Nerely (Tudyk), as he tours the convention circuit. Tudyk, one of the stars of the 2002 science fiction TV show Firefly, based Con Man loosely upon his own experiences. The series is co-produced by PJ Haarsma and by Nathan Fillion, who also co-stars in it. Crowdfunded through Indiegogo, Con Man set records for crowdfunding a web series by raising more than $1 million in 24 hours and more than $3.1 million overall. The series premiered on September 30, 2015, on Vimeo, with the first season consisting of 13 episodes. The second season premiered on December 8, 2016 on Comic-Con HQ, Comic-Con's subscription streaming video service and consisted of 12 episodes. In 2017, the series was acquired by Syfy and had its television debut on September 9, 2017, where the episodes were combined to produce half-hour installments for airing.

Fangasm - Recurring cast - Netflix

Of the “kooky” people who populate the series, Tudyk emphasized, “the kooky people in Con Man are not the fans. [The fans] are the heroes of this. The kooky people are the people who work in the conventions. [...] It's the people that we've met along the way that are pulling the strings behind the curtain, in addition to kooky celebrities.” Casper Van Dien as John Boutell, the bartender at every bar, regardless of its location. Sean Astin as himself, an actor who played Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings film series. While he advises Wray to accept his status as a beloved cult icon and gladly interacts with his fans, he also encourages Wray to use the fans' devotion for material gain, such as to upgrade his flight from coach to first class. Ari Stidham as 1st class fan, a Spectrum fan. He reneges on an agreement to give his first-class plane seat to Wray if Wray signs multiple items, causing Wray to later refuse to return the fan's “lucky pen”. The fan reveals this during a panel, foiling Wray's attempt to calm the enraged audience. He is among those who chase Wray. Felicia Day as Karen, Wray's enthusiastic assistant for the duration of the convention he attends in episodes two through four. She always dresses exactly as he does in case she needs to be his decoy, and because of this, he is able to escape an enraged group of fans. Nolan North as Jerry Lansing, a motion capture artist, second best after Andy Serkis, and self-proclaimed “mocap king”. He reappears in “Voiced Over” recording voice-over work for a video game. The character was originally named Nigel Thrice; Jerry Lansing was a character originally created by North while he worked on the Uncharted series. Tricia Helfer as Louise, a woman attending a doll convention who treats her baby dolls as if they are real infants. Though Wray finds this behavior creepy, he becomes enamored with her and strives to gain her affection. Their short-lived relationship ends when Wray breaks her porcelain doll Isabelle in “Doll Faced”. Leslie Jordan as himself, an actor. Though he is widely believed to be gay, he admits to Wray that he is pretending so that he can attract older politically conservative women through the “corrosive black lie” that sexuality is a choice. He becomes enamored with Bobbie, especially after she convinces him she is conservative. Sean Maher as himself, a gay actor who starred in the Firefly television series and the related film Serenity. He mistakenly believes Bobbie is male, then interprets Wray's correction as she is transgender, and becomes enamored with her and how “courageous” he perceives her to be. Alison Haislip as Faith, Jack Moore's new assistant who oversees his day to day schedule. As a fan of the original series Spectrum, she starts a flirty relationship with Wray although someone or something always seems to come between them. Liza Lapira as Brenda, an actress who played Dr. Chu on Spectrum. Henry Rollins as Stutter, an actor who played Hashen on Spectrum. Skyler Day as Tiffany, an actress who played Ketheria on Spectrum. Skylar Haarsma as Young Tiffany, during the time Spectrum was on the air. Amy Acker as Dawn, an actress who played Bree on Spectrum.

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