28-year-old Meng Chu Xia is known to be very optimistic and kind hearted who takes care of the son from her long lost sister. When Shen An returns to mainland China to start a new company, he bumps into Chu Xia. Chu Xia is struggling to raise her teenage nephew, while Shen An is engaged, but both do not expect to find love anymore at their age.

Far Away Love - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-01

Far Away Love - Over the Hills and Far Away (traditional song) - Netflix

“Over the Hills and Far Away” is a traditional British song, dating back to at least the late 17th century. One version was published in Thomas D'Urfey's Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy; a very different one appeared in George Farquhar's 1706 play The Recruiting Officer. A version also appears in John Gay's The Beggar's Opera of 1728. The words have changed over the years, as can be seen in the versions below. The only consistent element in early versions is the title line and the tune. D'Urfey's and Gay's versions both refer to lovers, while Farquhar's version refers to fleeing overseas to join the army. The tune was provided with another set of lyrics for the British Sharpe television series of the 1990s, based on Farquhar's version. This version was also recorded by John Tams who played Dan Hagman in the series. The nursery rhyme “Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son” mentions a piper who knows only one tune, this one. Early versions of this, known as “The distracted Jockey's Lamentations”, may have been written (but not included) in Thomas D'Urfey's play The Campaigners (1698): Tommy was a Piper's Son, And fell in love when he was young; But all the Tunes that he could play, Was, o'er the Hills, and far away. Another nursery rhyme “Five Little Ducks” uses the title of the song as a line.

Far Away Love - John Gay lyrics - Netflix

In The Beggar's Opera the song is a duet between the antihero Macheath and his lover Polly. It is a romantic dream of escape, with no military references. MACHEATH: Were I laid on Greenland's Coast, And in my Arms embrac'd my Lass; Warm amidst eternal Frost, Too soon the Half Year's Night would pass. POLLY: Were I sold on Indian Soil, Soon as the burning Day was clos'd, I could mock the sultry Toil When on my Charmer's Breast repos'd. MACHEATH: And I would love you all the Day, POLLY: Every Night would kiss and play, MACHEATH: If with me you'd fondly stray POLLY: Over the Hills and far away

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