Carbine The first Ottoman crime show of television history, -Filinta- is a show that presents notions of rights, justice, camaraderie, fellowship and love. Mustafa is a very smart, skillful, handsome young man. He serves as a policeman with his best friend Ali, who is also an orphan like Mustafa. Kadı Gıyaseddin is a -kadı- (judge) who belongs to a well-established family, and was trained in Damascus, Bukhara, Cairo and Konya from an early age. He is of an easy-going and coolheaded temperament. He shows us his refined wisdom in every scene. He also has trained sultans sons at the palace. He is a former mentor of the Sultan. Our story begins with a conspiracy against Mustafa and Ali.

Filinta - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Turkish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2015-06-16

Filinta - Naz Elmas - Netflix

Naz Elmas (born 16 June 1983) is a Turkish actress.

Filinta - Filmography - Netflix

Gülbeyaz (2002) Haziran Gecesi (2004) G.O.R.A (2004) Şansa Bak (2004) Candan Öte (2006) Kelebek Çıkmazı (2007) El Gibi (2007) Doktorlar (2008) Nefes (2009) Ya Sonra (2011) "Ay Tutulması (2011) Bir Ömür Yetmez (2012) Ustura Kemal (2012) Güzel Çirkin (2013) "Böyle Bitmesin (2013) Merhamet (2014) Stajyer Mafya (2014) Filinta Kördüğüm (2016) Bizim Hikaye İstanbul Sokakları

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