This drama series was produced with a hope of bringing the young generation back to television as it successfully combines the elements of action horror with those of a tragic melodrama. "Forbidden Love" depicts a fight between two different species: humans who at times act inhumanely, and non-human creatures who can be more compassionate than human beings.

This drama is based on a legend about a fox with nine tails that loves humans but is eventually betrayed by them. While presenting the modern version of a tragic love between a human and a fox with nine tails – two species that can never coexist, this drama also tackles such contentious issues as the moral aspect of genetic manipulation, social and economical costs associated with a longer lifespan, and human cloning.

Forbidden Love - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2004-07-19

Forbidden Love - Norma Khouri - Netflix

Norma Khouri is the pen name of author Norma Bagain Toliopoulos (born Norma Bagain in Jordan in 1970). She is the author of the book titled Honor Lost (titled Forbidden Love in Australia, Britain, and Commonwealth nations). The book was published by Random House in 2003. The book, which became a bestseller, purported to describe the honor killing of her best friend in Jordan. After criticism from Jordanian writers and groups in regards to numerous errors, the book was exposed as a literary hoax in 2004.

Forbidden Love - Early life - Netflix

Khouri was born in Jordan in 1970, and moved to Chicago in the United States with her parents in 1973. She attended a Catholic school in South Chicago. In 1993 she married John Toliopoulos, the father of her two children, Zoe and Christopher. In about 2001, Khouri, Toliopoulos and their children moved to Australia, from where she published a non-fiction account of the honour killing of her best friend in Jordan. After the revelation of her literary hoax made headline news, she moved back to the United States. She is the subject of the acclaimed 2007 film Forbidden Lie$.

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