The idea behind the show was that Anders and Måns received letters with questions from the general public that they then sought answers for, sometimes the answers were not quite serious (but on the other hand some of the the questions weren't either).

Fråga Anders och Måns - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-10-19

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This is a comprehensive list of compositions by Erkki Melartin. The works have been listed systematically. Within each group there are first works with opus number and then the works with an EM code. All the works with opus number have been published, if not specified otherwise. Most of the works with code EM are unpublished, and only the publishing information has been given. All information is based on the newest work catalog (December 2016). The work catalog is based on the archival material and manuscripts in several Finnish libraries and music archives (The National Library, The Library of Sibelius Academy, The library and arhive of Sibelius Museum in Turku, the music library of The Finnish Broadcasting Company etc.). In addition, all the relevant printed music publications have been used during the compiling work. Rough translations in English have been provided for the opus titles, but not for the original literal works, unless in Finnish only.

Fråga Anders och Måns - Ballets - Netflix

Sininen helmi (The Blue Pearl), op. 160 (1928-1930) – A ballet in three acts (40 parts) to the libretto by Erkki Melartin and Kaarlo Eronen for orchestra. Several unpublished suites are known, the only one published and recorded is from 2015 and by Jani Kyllönen and Hannu Lintu. Barcarolle - Venelaulu – Published in arrangement for two voices and piano in 1952, in Swedish by Joel Rundt

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