Game show in which two teams of friends compete against each other in a series of nerve-jangling challenges.

Friends Like These - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 2000-02-12

Friends Like These - With Friends Like These... - Netflix

With Friends Like These... is a 1998 American comedy film by Philip Frank Messina. It stars Robert Costanzo, Jon Tenney, David Strathairn and Adam Arkin, and features a cameo by Bill Murray.

Friends Like These - Cast - Netflix

Adam Arkin as Steve Hersh David Strathairn as Armand Minetti Jon Tenney as Dorian Mastandrea Robert Costanzo as Johnny DiMartino Amy Madigan as Hannah DiMartino Laura San Giacomo as Joanne Hersh Elle Macpherson as Samantha Mastandrea Lauren Tom as Yolanda Chin Beverly D'Angelo as Theresa Carpenter Ashley Peldon as Marissa DiMartino Allison Bertolino as Dana DiMartino Bill Murray as Maurice Melnick Frederika Kesten as Catrice Carmine Costanzo as Nino DiMartino Heather Stephens as Babette Martin Scorsese as Himself Jon Polito as Rudy Ptak

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