Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda (Gear Fighter Dendoh and Gundam Seed), Cyber Formula is a show about Formula racing in the future, when race cars are equipped with computer support systems called 'Cyber Systems'.

Future GPX Cyber Formula - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 1991-03-15

Future GPX Cyber Formula - Future GPX Cyber Formula - Netflix

Future (New Century) Grand Prix (GPX) Cyber Formula (新世紀GPX(フューチャーグランプリ)サイバーフォーミュラ) is a 37-episode anime television series by Sunrise (Hajime Yatate). It originally aired in Japan between March 15, 1991 and December 20, 1991. The TV series was later followed by four OVA series respectively titled: Double One, Zero, Saga, and Sin. Cyber Formula is a science-fiction story about racing in the future, when race cars are equipped with computer support systems called 'Cyber Systems'. The story setting back in the late 80s and early 90s of the 20th century predicted changes in auto-racing in the next century. The first episode quickly disposes the first nine seasons of cyber formula racing and opens the plot in 2015, slightly before the first race of the 10th season. Given such background, the author imagined further development of the telemetry and electronic assistance technologies in Formula 1 racing (e.g., the adoption of such technology in early stages led to Williams FW-14 that debuts in the same year when the TV series was aired, and one year later winning the 1992 Formula One Grand Prix in reality). The further development focused in several aspects: (1) the computer system, dubbed as “Cyber Systems”, and its artificial intelligence (AI), has been improved to a level that enables direct linguistic communication and “understands” the user's emotion in such a way that the emotion can be used as an input to cause certain unpredictable output of the computer system; (2) the computer system controls all mechanical aspects of the racing machine, including changing mechanical aspects such as proactively changing suspension height and stiffness, transforming the aerodynamic components of the vehicle as to adapt the vehicle to various racing conditions (e.g., changing drag coefficients and down force generation as trade-offs). The TV series focused on the interaction between a special Cyber System called Asurada and its driver Hayato. Asurada helped Hayato winning the 10th Cyber Formula GPX. The first OVA Cyber Formula Double One continued Hayato's story into the next racing season, primarily describing the intellectual growth and skill development in Hayato. The second OVA Cyber Formula Zero covered the next two racing seasons, wherein Hayato discovered a mental state “Zero Zone” that enabled him observing and predicting in a super-human manner. The third OVA Cyber Formula SAGA continued the story by posing a situation wherein the superiority of the racing machine dictates a race's outcome. Hayato had to again collaborate with Asurada with new driving skills to challenge and beat a superior racing machine. The final OVA Cyber Formula SIN refreshes the story line by having Hayato's mentor and best friend, Bleed Kaga, came back to beat Hayato. These anime series was then followed by a PlayStation game series to further the racing stories.

Future GPX Cyber Formula - Summary of the TV Series - Netflix

As explained above, because the racing machine is as important as the driver's ability for a team to win the Grand Prix (as predicting the equal honors of both the Driver Championship and Manufacturer Championship in reality). The TV series focuses on both elements and their interaction and growth: the cyber system called Asurada and its driver named Hayato Kazami, son of the designer of Asurada. Asurada was originally developed secretly by MissingLink (interesting name by itself - the story never expressly stated this fact, but a closer look warrants such implication). Hayato's father, Hiroyuki Kazami, hoped to design the best cyber system in the world in order to build a best racing machine, which was a dream shared with his friends: Kojiro Sugo (the driver, later becoming the owner of Sugo team) and Tetsuichiro Kurumada (the mechanic, later becoming the manager of Sugo team). Kazami's ideal cyber system is not preloaded with optimal solutions (i.e., by prescribing deterministic optimal values for certain programmable situations), rather, is a “partner” that learns from and grows with the driver. This is the key distinguishing element from other cyber systems (and later becoming the conflicting divergence from OVA SIN's Ogre cyber system). When Asurada, the cyber system, was near completion, Kazami realized that Smith, a high level executive of Missinglink, wanted to sell Asurada to military for huge profit and making Asurada the ultimate AI in war machines. To avoid Smith's plan, Kazami installed Asurada in a prototype racing machine Asurada GSX with sophisticated encryption (i.e., Asurada would not work without Asurada GSX) and contacted Sugo to have Asurada GSX participate in the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix. The TV series actually starts with Kurumada and Hayato delivering Asurada GSX to the qualifying round in Fujioka Circuit. During the delivery, Smith sent men to rob Asurada GSX. To complete the delivery mission, Kurumada asked Hayato to drive Asurada GSX to the circuit (because the racing machine can be at least three times faster than its transporter and more capable in avoiding the robbery. Hayato activated Asurada GSX, which was programmed to lock to the first driver (another measure to counter Smith's evil intended military use). Because of such lock, Hayato replaced the original driver and became a racer for the Sugo team (named Sugo Asurada). Hayato successfully escaped by interacting with Asurada (it is important to note how Asurada hinted that it must receive proper questions to provide solution options). The chase ended with a big explosion and Hayato safely arriving at the Fujioka Circuit for the qualification races. In the first qualifying round, Hayato races heatedly with Naoki Shinjyo from Team Aoi (a major car producer in Japan, it is a much bigger corporation than Sugo's). Hayato ended up in the third place. In the second qualifying round, Hayato met Johji Ohtomo, a racer from Albatross DDT (and a former rally racer). They become good friends and later Ohtomo . During Hayato's training at night, he is attacked by Smith's men and saved by Ohtomo. Their friendship further developed. In the race, Ohtomo hinted Hayato to pay attention to the weahter. Hayato thus followed closely to Ohtomo's racing strategy and successfully took advantage of an unexpected rain to gain positional advantage. As a result, regardless of Hayato's inexperience driving, he completed the race in third place. This means Sugo Team and Hayato obtain the necessary Super License to compete in the Cyber Formula (CF) Gran Prix (GPX) world championship. The victory in the Fujioka Circuit made Hayato overconfident (as a 14-year-old, he probably thought the success was due more to his ability rather than Ohtomo's winning strategy and Asurada GSX's superb abilities). Thus in the first round in Grand Canyon, US, Hayato false-started and took the lead of the race. But he received a 60-second time penalty. As a result, Hayato pushed Asurada to make up for the penalty. Eventually, Asurada GSX was abused and its engine blew. Hayato was forced to retire. The following to be updated. This made him realize that he has next to no skill at all. Hayato went through a depression for while, but makes a comeback after he makes more friends and he gets a fourth place in the second race. In the third race, one of the racers, Knight Schumacher, crashed his car into Edelhi Bootsvorz's Missionel to protect Asurada from being attacked by him. Smith is killed after that, and Knight Schumacher is revealed to be Osamu Sugō, Asuka's brother, and Hayato learns that his father is already dead. With the shock of his father's death, Hayato loses his control in the qualifying round of the fourth race by activating the boost in a dangerous spot, resulting in Asurada GSX being totally wrecked up. The team then leaves to England to find his father's last gift, a new machine called Super Asurada SA-01. Hayato successfully unlocks Asurada's code and install Asurada into that machine and preparing for the next Grand Prix. In the fifth race however, Super Asurada is suffering a problem that it cannot change modes and will blow up if the machine races after sometime. But with Hayato and Asurada's trust towards each other, they finished the race in the first place safely. Shinjyo overpushes his car in the race against Hayato and gets his engine blown up right before the finish line. Entering Karl Richter von Randoll, a prince and a racing genius who falls in love with Asuka, and therefore, builds his rivalry with Hayato, after having a race duel, Randoll enters the Cyber GPX's sixth race and win first place. Shinjyo, even with a new car, loses in this race. In the seventh race, Hayato's friend, Bleed Kaga shows up and race for Shinjyo's team, while Shinjyo is forced into a secondary team. Shinjyo, though, worked up with his new team, almost winning this race. But because of the overuse of gas, his car stops right before the finish line. Shinjyo walked out and pushes the car to the finish line in fifth place. The 8th race is mostly like a duel between Hayato and Randoll, Hayato wins by the end and Randoll gets pushed into the sea. In the ninth race, Hayato is starting to lose his trust in Asurada. He crashes with Ohtomo in this race, forcing Ohtomo to retire the final race. Hayato, filled with rage, tries to destroy Asurada, but Asurada and his teammates snap some sense into him. With Super Asurada badly damaged, the Sugo team decides to use the old GSX until the repairs are finished. Hayato swaps his car during the middle of the race and catches up with Shinjyo and Randoll. After the heated race, Hayato wins the race and the Grand Prix in the end.

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