This drama is about the life and battles of the historical warrior Genghis Khan.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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Dschinghis Khan (known in some countries as Genghis Khan) is a German pop band originally formed in Munich in 1979 to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “Dschinghis Khan”, which was written and produced by Ralph Siegel with lyrics by Bernd Meinunger.

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Current Line-Up Edina Pop (born February 4, 1941 as Marika Késmárky in Budapest, Ungarn) (1979–1985, 1995, 2005-present) Henriette Strobel (divorced Heichel) (born November 13, 1953 in Nieuwer Amstel, Netherlands) (1979–1985, 1986, 2005-present) Claus Kupreit (2006-present; as Prince Igei Khan and is the band's lead choreographer) Angelika Erlacher (2006-present as Eltuya Khan) Benjamin Schobel (2006-present as Fürst Ögödei Khan) Past Members Steve Bender (born November 2, 1946 as Karl-Heinz Bender in Mainz; died May 7, 2006 in München) (1979–1981, 1995, 2005-2006) Wolfgang Heichel (born November 4, 1950 in Meißen) (1979–1985, 2005–2014) Leslie Mándoki (born January 7, 1953 as László Mándoki in Budapest, Ungarn) (1979–1985, 1986, 1995) Louis Hendrik Potgieter (born April 4, 1951 in Pretoria, South Africa; died November 12, 1993 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa) (1979–1985, 1986) Stefan Track (2005 as Prince Igei Khan) Ebru Kaya (2005 as Eltuya Khan) Daniel Käsling (2005)

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