The series follows Girls Aloud in the buildup to their 2006 Chemistry arena tour, from appearing on TV shows to filming the "Whole Lotta History" video in Paris, promoting in Australia and New Zealand, doing promotional appearances in Ibiza and Greece, and going on an ambassadorial trip to China. The series also follows a selection of Girls Aloud's fans, including two Australian fans who spent all their money on tickets to Girls Aloud's Wembley show. The girls' personal lives were featured too.

Girls Aloud: Off the Record - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-04-11

Girls Aloud: Off the Record - The Passions of Girls Aloud - Netflix

The Passions of Girls Aloud is a four-part television series starring girl group Girls Aloud. The series premiered on ITV2 on 14 March 2008.

Girls Aloud: Off the Record - Cheryl (14 March 2008) - Netflix

Cheryl's aspiration is to be a street dancer. She has received training in ballet, ballroom and tap, but has never done any hip-hop or street dance. She meets with Kenrick “H2O” Sandy and Kymberlee Jay, choreographers, in London and learns basic street dancing. She takes a gymnastic lesson and also learns how to pop and lock. Cheryl's main problem was her lack of confidence. Later, she flies to Los Angeles with her mother Joan. After going sightseeing around Hollywood, Cheryl meets with Kennis Marquis, Diddy's choreographer, at the Millennium Studios. He teaches her about dancing with style and swagger. He takes Cheryl shopping for hip hop fashion, so that she fits in with the L.A. street dancers. The next day, Cheryl heads to Compton, one of the most dangerous areas of L.A., to dance with Tommy the Clown and his friends. He teaches her “krumping” and she participates in a block party. Cheryl dances with two professional dancers to work on her routine further the next day. Finally, she auditions for a part in's video for his new single “Heartbreaker”, and gets the part. The show ends with an advancing screening of the music video, which Cheryl's bandmates, family and friends all attend. Cheryl also contributes vocals to the radio edit of the song (on the UK version of the song only).

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