Venture Falls is seeing some strange events lately. Corn popping on the stalks, fog that turns day into night, hailstones the size of baseballs, sinkholes in the soccer field! And only four kids know the real reasons for these natural disasters!

Transforming into super Gormitis -mythical creatures who harness four elements of nature- four normal kids save their town, the world and tribes of strange creatures!

Toby and Nick Tripp and their friends, Jessica and Lucas keep busy catching flicks at the multiplex, hitting the surf at the SplashDown water park or camping in Grand Valley. They also share a big secret… through a crowded pantry, down some stone steps, is the Primal Pad – a portal to a magical dimension called Gorm.

In Gorm, peaceful Gormiti creatures, formed from natural elements, are in a constant battle with evil Fire Gormitis, very dangerous guys with huge egos! Their neverending war causes the natural disturbances in Venture Falls. With their magic orbs, crystals and a portal, our human heroes travel to Gorm and magically transform into super GORMITIS, THE LORDS OF NATURE:

Toby, Lord of the Sea controls water\ Jessica, Lady of the Air can fly and control winds\ Lucas, Lord of the Forest controls vines, trees and plants\ Nick, Lord of the Earth has the strength of stone

Jessica, Toby, Lucas and Nick always bring comedy into this magical world of action and adventure. Juggling their everyday lives with magic, superpowered battles against megalomaniacal tyrants in a parallel universe can really wear a kid out!

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-10-05

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return - Gormiti - Netflix

Gormiti: The Invincible Lords of Nature (Italian: Gormiti: Gli Invincibili Signori della Natura), later changed to Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!, is a toy property based primarily on 2-inch tall non-articulated mini figures with a trading card game play aspect. The toys were created in Italy in 2005 by Grani & Partners/Giochi Preziosi (company). Gormiti is the name of some plastic monsters, sold together with training cards containing a description of the same character. There are different game modes, and they are used by 4-8 years old children for free play and by adults as collection pieces. According to the mythology, Gormitis are the warriors of the island of Gorm, divided into two great armies (Good and Evil) in a Lord of the Rings-like set. The two armies are in turn divided into various peoples, usually tied to a natural element (People of the Sea, People of Lava ...) that characterizes appearance and powers. The mechanics of sale is similar to that of the figurines: the sale in closed sachets does not allow the choice, and involves the purchase of duplication which in turn feed a phenomenon of exchange. The remarkable success has led to the spread of a large secondary market: figurines, games and other children's products marked “Gormiti”, dedicated magazines, DVDs and a theatrical show. Previously, in the 80s, the Giochi Preziosi distributed static figures of plastic sachets with similar aims, called Exogini, which were also a big hit. In that case it was however an Italianisation of existing static figures inspired by the Kinnikuman manga and anime, based on space wrestler. These figurines were similar to those produced in the USA and Japan, except for the difference of the names of the characters, and the plastic used, more harder, and similar to that used for the regular Gormiti.

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return - TV series - Netflix

The television series, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!, was co-produced by Giochi Preziosi and Marathon Media and based on the original Gormiti characters. It was broadcast for the first time on Italia 1 and Canal J from 27 October 2008. It started on October 5, 2009 on Cartoon Network in the United States, and Latin America on Disney XD of the year 2011. It consisted of three seasons, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!, Gormiti: The Supreme Eclipse Era! and Gormiti: The Neorganic Evolution. On January 3, 2011, Giochi Preziosi launched its series in Brazil, where it is the number one show on TV Globinho. Gormiti has been well known among boys in Brazil, long before the television show appeared. There are already over 200 Gormiti licensed toys on the market in Brazil. The series got good ratings worldwide and positive reviews; A second series, Gormiti Nature Unleashed, produced in CGI, began airing in Italy in 2012. Apart from the setting and some characters, it is unrelated to the first TV series. A new CGI series is scheduled to be aired in 2018.

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return - References - Netflix