Can puppets and humans live side by side? In the world of Greg the Bunny, they can. Set in Hollywood, land of movie stars and struggling actors of all fabrics, Greg the Bunny (Dan Milano), a squeaky-voiced rabbit puppet, longs to live the high life -- one where he's got a job or something. Greg's best friend and roommate, Jimmy Bender (Seth Green), is a slacker -- not to mention a human. Jimmy's father, Gil (Eugene Levy), is the blunt and perpetually nervous executive producer/director of the low-budget (and low-rated) children's show, Sweetknuckle Junction. A cross between Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Sweetknuckle mixes the fun of trains with the joy of letters and numbers, and is brought to you by the human co-stars, Junction Jack (Bob Gunton), the conductor, and Dottie Sunshine (Dina Waters), the helper, with funding provided by the puppet co-stars, Professor Ape (Dan Milano), the scholarly monkey, and Count Blah (Drew Massey), the counting vampire. Off-ca

Greg the Bunny - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2002-03-27

Greg the Bunny - Dan Milano - Netflix

Dan Milano (born September 10, 1972 in Northport, New York) is an American voice actor, puppeteer, writer and director. He was one of the creators of the Fox sitcom Greg the Bunny and performed the title character Greg as well as Warren the Ape. He is also one of the voice actors and writers of Robot Chicken, and was nominated for an Emmy for writing on Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2.

Milano also starred in Adult Swim's television series, Titan Maximum. He has also co-written and co-produced the MTV's series Warren the Ape, where he again played the title character Warren. In 2013, Milano began work at DreamWorks Television as part of their content development deal with Netflix.

Greg the Bunny - Career - Netflix

Milano attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and SUNY Buffalo's summer arts program. While at NYU, Milano wrote for the student-run comedy magazine, The Plague. His first industry job was co-creating a series of shorts for the Independent Film Channel based on “Greg the Bunny,” a puppet character Milano also performs. Based on the main character from their public access series called “Junktape,” Milano and friends took “Greg The Bunny” to 20th Century FOX as a 13-Episode prime-time series, produced by Neil Moritz and run by Steve Levitan. Milano exec-produced, wrote and performed on the series as characters “Greg the Bunny” and “Warren the Ape,” alongside co-stars Sarah Silverman, Seth Green and Eugene Levy. The relationship with Seth Green led to Milano's involvement as a writer and voice actor on Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum and Star Wars: Detours. Meanwhile, Milano and then-writing partner sold a spec feature to Laura Ziskin and Sony Pictures, called “Me & My Monster.” Developed with effects wizard Stan Winston, the movie was in development with such directors as Neil Jordan, McG, and Jon Favreau (the latter having also appeared on an IFC Greg the Bunny Reunion Special.) After the Fox series was canceled, “Greg” returned to IFC and eventually the spin-off series, “Warren the Ape” was created for MTV Networks. This 12-episode “reality show” about Warren's fallout in the post-Fox years co-starred Josh Sussman and Dr. Drew Pinsky. Milano's film career had him working with his partner on development assignments for The Henson Company, Flower Films, The Donner's Company and more. Milano's solo credit on “Short Circuit” was written for producer of the original film David Foster and Dimension's Bob Weinstein. Milano has sold pilots including “The Spaces”, “Dad Monster Hunter (aka Shadowchasers)”, and worked on shows such as, “Crash & Bernstein” (Director), and “Star Wars: Detours” (Writer/Actor). Milano was never trained in puppetry but was obsessed with the art form as a child and built a talent for it. He has focused primarily on writing, developing for features and television but does occasionally work as a voice actor.

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