A television series about a charming, voluntary private detective who chases criminals and in the process tries to find himself.

Heer & Meester - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-01-11

Heer & Meester - Oberbootsmann - Netflix

Oberbootsmann (OBtsm or in lists OB) designates in the German Navy of the Bundeswehr a military person or member of the armed forces. It belongs to the particular rank group Senior NCOs with port epée. According to the salary class it is equivalent to the Oberfeldwebel of Heer or Luftwaffe. It is grouped as OR6 in NATO, equivalent to First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, or Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Armed forces, and to Warrant Officer Class 2 in the British Army and Royal Navy. In navy context NCOs of this rank were formally addressed as Herr Oberbootsmann also informally / short Oberbootsmann. The sequence of ranks (top-down approach) in that particular group is as follows:Unteroffiziere mit Portepee OR-9: Oberstabsbootsmann / Oberstabsfeldwebel OR-8: Stabsbootsmann / Stabsfeldwebel OR-7: Hauptbootsmann and Oberfähnrich zur See/ and Hauptfeldwebel and Oberfähnrich OR-6a: Oberbootsmann/ Oberfeldwebel OR-6b: Bootsmann and Fähnrich zur See/ Feldwebel and Fähnrich

Heer & Meester - Remark - Netflix

The abbreviation “OR” stands for “Other Ranks / fr: sous-officiers et militaires du rang / ru:другие ранги, кроме офицероф”!

Heer & Meester - References - Netflix