Xue Hai was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu saved him from bullying, she became his first love. Then, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge.

Hi My Sweetheart - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 95 minutes

Premier: 2009-11-01

Hi My Sweetheart - My MVP Valentine - Netflix

My MVP Valentine (Chinese: MVP情人) is a 2002 Taiwanese drama based loosely on two Japanese manga series: Slam Dunk and MVP wa Yuzurenai! (MVPは譲れない!;Can't Give up MVP!). Starring Chinese Taipei basketball star Johnny Yen (who led the 2003 Asian Basketball Championship in assists), it enjoyed huge success throughout Greater China and Southeast Asia. As a result, it is noted for skyrocketing Angela Chang, Chen Chiao-En and 5566 (all five members had roles in the series) to fame.

Hi My Sweetheart - Trivia - Netflix

In the TV series at Episode 28 (Final) when Qi Yuan VS Yun Shang in the Final Tournament Championships, when Duan Chenfeng receives his second high school MVP trophy, he shares it with his archrival Iceman whom he admires. This is based on Gao Tien-Chi's (who stars in this drama) story in 2001. Gao led Taiwan's HBL (High School Basketball League) in assists that year but decided to share the trophy with runner-up Chen Shih-Nien (陳世念). (Chen would later play for Chinese Taipei Men's Basketball Team while Gao became an actor) and the third places did not play in the TV series, only the finals match. After the series aired, 5566 released a song titled “Without Your Love”, whose MV showed an alternative ending to the story. Remake It was remade by Indonesian drama as ABG (sinetron) In the Manga series, My MVP Valentine has something in common as Slam DunkManga for those interested in basketball only.

Hi My Sweetheart - References - Netflix