A hip hop and rap competition program where older generation contestants are teamed up with professional hip hop music producers.

Hip Hop Tribe 2 : Game of Thrones - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-18

Hip Hop Tribe 2 : Game of Thrones - Tribe of Hip Hop - Netflix

Tribe of Hip Hop (Hangul: 힙합의 민족) is a 2016 South Korean music show presented by Shin Dong-yup and San E. It airs on JTBC on Fridays at 21:40 (KST).

Hip Hop Tribe 2 : Game of Thrones - Format - Netflix

It is a show where all 50 contestants must not be professional or underground rappers, or act as a main rapper (but can be lead rapper) of a group, but can be well-known singers, actors, models and TV personalities. In the recruitment challenge, contestant can choose to write part of their lyrics based on a popular rap track, and unlike The Voice, the contestants' identity will be revealed after the first part of the performance. If more than one 'house' want accepted the contestants, each house will use diamonds (as in the idiom 'diamond in the rough' ) to bid on the contestants, but if the house run out of diamonds each episode, they can only pick members that were unopposed. In the 1-on-1 challenge, two rappers go head-to-head to a track with adjusted lyrics by their mentor, but contestants can perform with their own lyrics. While contestants can intimidate each other, it is not a diss battle. The winner to win a ring with a full1-carat diamond .

Hip Hop Tribe 2 : Game of Thrones - References - Netflix