Ichinose Ayumu has spent his entire life following his dream – to become a professional player of the game of Go. However, he kept failing the pro test and even missed his last chance before he hit the age limit to take the test. Seeing her son so devastated, Ayumu's mother introduces him to a one-month internship at a general trading company. Depending on his performance, he could get hired as the company's full-time employee. Aware of his mother's concerns, Ayumu decides to take up the intern position. However, having no college education or office work experience, he struggles from the day one to keep up with others who are all graduates from elite universities. Nevertheless, he is determined to never give up and strives to overcome the challenges he faces. Will this rookie businessman be able to survive and thrive in the harsh cold corporate world?

HOPE - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-17

HOPE - High as Hope - Netflix

High as Hope is the fourth studio album by the English indie rock band Florence and the Machine, released on 29 June 2018 by Republic Records and Virgin EMI Records. It was preceded by the singles “Sky Full of Song”, “Hunger” and “Big God”. The album was executively produced by Welch herself, along with Emile Haynie. Following How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2015), High as Hope features more minimalist, stripped-down productions, and explores themes of heartache, family, and finding comfort in loneliness. The album received positive reviews upon release, with music critics lauding Welch's vocal performance and personal lyricism.

HOPE - Critical reception - Netflix

High as Hope received positive reviews from music critics upon release, with critics praising Welch's vocals, her themes, and the minimalist production. On Metacritic, the album received a score of 75 out of 100, based on 16 critics. Writing for The Telegraph, Neil McCormick gave the album a rating of five stars out of five, stating that “Welch's singing throughout is extraordinary, shifting gears effortlessly from melancholic softness to high-powered exultation, even ululation. Every gasp, growl and fluttery trill seems perfectly placed.” The Independent critic Roisin O'connor awarded the record a rating of four stars out of five, praising several songs, saying “'Grace' is a moving love letter to her younger sister which asks for forgiveness for her past, chaotic behaviour” and “stirring violins open 'The End of Love' like a sinister eulogy; Welch's voice comes in with gorgeously textured harmonies, unfolding elegantly as she details a finished relationship with bittersweet recollections.” In a less enthusiastic review, NME gave High as Hope a rating of three stars out of five and called the album “safe”, stating “Stripped to the bare bones of her soul and the sentiment, her truth shines--and there’s a beauty in that. The only thing holding it back is a lack of risk, but there’s still so much comfort in the familiar.” Similarly, Slant Magazine reviewer Josh Goller also gave the album three stars out of five, and said “Welch widens the song's [”Hunger"'s] scope from a specific personal battle with an eating disorder to a broader emphasis on universal craving for love and acceptance, but trite statements about the destructive nature of fame and drugs are emblematic of the album's overall tendency to retreat into sweeping, generalized sentiments. Welch strikes a more effective balance between the personal and the universal on “Big God”.

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