The history of 19th-century America is the story of struggles between settlers moving west and Native Americans trying to hold on to their ancestral territories. The clash between lifestyles and land rights forged a new land and unified an American culture, but in the process a venerable way of life was destroyed. Follow the Cherokee, Dakota, Lakota, and Nez Perc as they fight to keep their homelands.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: None

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Discordianism is a paradigm based upon the book Principia Discordia, written by Greg Hill with Kerry Wendell Thornley in 1963, the two working under the pseudonyms Malaclypse the Younger and Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst. According to its primary historian (Adam Gorightly) Discordianism was founded as a parody religion. Many outside observers still regard Discordianism as a parody religion although some of its adherents may utilize it as a legitimate religion, or a metaphor for a governing philosophy. The Principia Discordia, if read literally, encourages the worship of Eris, a.k.a. Discordia, the goddess of disorder, or archetypes and or ideals associated with her. Depending on the version of discordianism, Eris might be considered the goddess exclusively of disorder or the goddess of disorder and chaos. Both views are supported by the Principia Discordia. The Principia Discordia holds three core principles: the Aneristic (order), the Eristic (disorder), and the notion that both are mere illusions. An argument presented by the text is that it is only by rejecting these principles that you can truly perceive reality as it is, chaos. It is difficult to estimate the number of Discordians because they are not required to hold Discordianism as their only belief system, and because there is an encouragement to form schisms and cabals.

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According to the Principia Discordia, “every single man, woman, and child on this Earth” is deemed a pope. Included in the Principia Discordia is an official pope card that may be reproduced and distributed freely to anyone and everyone. Papacy, however, is not granted through possession of this card; it merely informs people that they are “a genuine and authorized Pope” of Discordia.

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